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  1. Perhaps you could start your own post for this topic, I started this topic to follow progress on the 2102, which still is not supported... gripe, gripe, gripe. Thanks!
  2. Yes, same in iBook 600 8MB VRAM from just before current release.
  3. Compatability page still says Windows only. Interestingly, I emailed Dantz technical support June 13 - they claimed to be unaware Apple was shipping machines using that drive, and that my email started the ball rolling. I'm not holding my breath on this one. Meanwhile I've been backing up to a disk image, then burning that to a CD once a week. Hardly ideal, as it takes soooo long to burn the whole image. Of course this makes a total mockery of incremental backups. I am seriously considering buying a micro firewire drive and forget the CDRW. Grumble, grumble, gumbal, mumble...
  4. Does anyone else out there have an iBook 600 with the Combo Toshiba SD-R2102. I have updated that which came with Norton SystemWorks 2.0. SD-R2102 is still listed as non-compatible, but as has anyone got it to work with CD-RW media and Retrospect Express 5 with OSX 10.1.5? Or have I thrown my money away?
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