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  1. In regards to the upgraded B&W, I was able to eliminate the network collisions by installing a NIC card. The only way I have to back up this machine is by doing the following: 1. Start the back up process manually (the B&W is the first backed up) 2. Go to the B&W, wake it up, and do somethings that I know require disk access. This has resulted in the back ups completing. Otherwise the client wouldn't back up. I no longer get the infinite hangs.
  2. Progress on the B&W upgraded machine...I don't get stalled in the net retry any more, after setting the energy saving preferences to the following: machine never sleep, hard drive never sleep, and separate sleep for display. I also did this for a beige machine which took care of a net retry stall on it also. Oddly enough, the beige machine now has reasonable back up speed, but the B&W is SLOW. (1.9 MB/min) By using Granet & Perfboard (http://www.pepsan.com/) I noticed the following behavior w/th B&W: Initial large communication w/huge network collisions Pause (on the order of 20-30 secs) Smaller communication w/large number of collisions Pause Same as above, but decreasingly smaller etc Until the machine started to back up under normal conditions The network uses a 10/100 hub, unmanaged of course, has no problems that I am aware of. I came across another thread that suggested there might be a "link speed or duplex problem." They indicated that this will display "a zillion collisions." Well, I'm not sure that I hit a zillion collisions, but I was working on it. FYI, I cannot put the original processor back in the B&W, its over clocked in the beige machine! :-) All I know for now, hope it helps someone...
  3. Well it is one client. Everything being backed up is running 10.1.5, but this particular machine is a B&W upgraded G4. All versions of R, are the latest. I believe I can get the machine to back up if it was just in use. All of the other machines back up fine regardless. The operation will get stuck in the net retry if the back up machine isn't being used. (Just in the case of B&W) If you wake the machine (back up server) up, it will time out after a short time. Otherwise it hangs there indefinitely. Does anyone else have problems backing up B&W machines?
  4. Retro 5.205 is setup on a G4 733 (OS X) to back 3 other computers and itself all running Mac OS X. The backup script continually stops w/the Net Retry. I have not been able to back ANY machine for over a week. Any ideas or work arounds?
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