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  1. mrogerson

    Restore issue with v17.5

    Just installed this update and tried the same Duplicate 'Replacing all contents' from the client to the Retro server machine. This time it works as it should.
  2. mrogerson

    Restore issue with v17.5

    We had the same type of problem with a Duplicate script. All the files on the destination ended up Zero length and because of that every-time the script ran it deleted all the files and tried to replace them every time it ran. Also just downgraded to 17.0.2 and all is well again.
  3. mrogerson

    E-mail Notification Not Working in 8.2

    Hi Folks, Can confirm that the problem was solved for us after updating to 8.5.0 (136), both with or without authentication
  4. Totally agree with Fred Turner and Mannp, I've been a user of Retrospect from the good old DiskFit direct days with Dantz, so feel I have some prior knowledge of the upgrade process and bug fixes one should expect. Whilst Lennart is correct in saying the only way to get 'free' upgrasdes is to pay the ASM charge, it shouldn't be the only way. And as for Version 10 being new and improved, they can't even be bothered to update the user guide. For proof, just go the the Help menu and click on User guide, it comes back with a PDF of Version 8. I really want to be able to use and recommend this program, but I'm fast running out of patience and on PC's we're moving to Acronis, which isn't by any means cheap, but the level of support is streets ahead of Retrospect.