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  1. Yes, common knowledge but I didn't think if mattered in this case since all RS activite ceases at 6 AM and the drives won't be swapped till a few hours later. But I did find a neat (a free) program to eject the dirve via a Windows scheduled task. See it here: http://quickandeasysoftware.net/software/usb-disk-ejector It has a gui but can also be run from the command line. Very nice! I've said this b4 but RS poactive BU should NOT be exhibiting this issue! PP
  2. Well I ran the job with OK, I set the timeout to 10 minutes and got absolutley deluged with messages "The Backup Set member "1-MyPP2 (G)" is corrupt or has data from another set. Media request for "1-MyPP2 (G)" timed out after waiting 0:10:00" The BU set isn't corrupt, it's just not attached. So the idea of setting the timeout is a good one but it comes with a cost. All those messages makes it harder to find any "real" problems. Still looking for a solution... Thanks, PP
  3. Thanks for the input. I'm going to try to find a scrip I can run via the Windows scheduler to do the job. The problem for now is that the person tasked with swapping the drives is not intended to have access to the system. Thanks again!
  4. RS 7.7 (Windows) Just unplug one and plug in another via USB. Since no backups are running during the day I'm not worried about corrupting anything. Thanks for the feedback, PP
  5. Thanks. I'm going to try that for tonight's backups. Hope it works. Still don't understand why this happens. I've used RS for several years and never saw this before. Thanks again, PP
  6. HELP! This problem continues and I have no solution. The backup jobs ask for a backup set that isn't attached. This blocks execution of the backup to the currently attached set. Hence nothing gets backed up! This is NOT the way I understand proactive backups work! What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? Thanks in advance, PP
  7. Hi, I tried this and it works BUT, each subsequent backup starts a bit later than the previous. Eventually, we'll reach the time out time (backups are scheduled to run each night) and that means a day will be skipped. Not a good idea. Thanks for the thought.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I originally followed the instructions for moving to a new PC but had all sorts of problems (previously discussed) so I scrapped everything and reinstalled fresh; created new jobs, etc.; and upgraded to a newer version (7.7). Everything works other than the problem discussed here. I'll wait for a couple of cycles to pass as you suggest and hope it settles down. Thanks, PP
  9. Hi, II've got three external drives for bacups which I rotate. Only one is connected at any time. Each drive has a unique backup set name (bu1, bu2, bu3). Similarly, I have three proactive jobs (job1, job2, job3). The jobs are identical except each has it's own unique destination (bu1..bu3 respectively). But since moving to a new PC jobs are starting to run even without the assosiated backup set connected. I then get a dialog asking me to locate the missing backup set. This never happened on the old PC. After all, isn't that the whole idea of proactive backups; that jobs don't start till all the necessary components are available? The Activity Monitor/Proactive/Backup Sets always shows one external drive as ready while the other two have status of "Media". What's going on. Can I fix this? Thanks, PP
  10. Yes I did. But something apparently went wrong. Just couldn't get it to work. Thanks for the feedback, PP
  11. Finally gave up; uninstalled; wiped all traces of RS; and re-installed. Now working fine but I lost all acrhived backups. Oh well.
  12. Hi, These are all proactive jobs. That's the only kind we use. The Operations Log shows absolutely no activity other than from the on job that ran by clearing the catalog and backup set. Is there another log? The only way I know to force an immediate backup is to double click on the script in the Activity Monitor/Proactive tab and select Always Active. That forces the job script status to display "active". At the same time, the backup set shows "ready" and the source shows "ASAP". Does any of this help diagnose the problem? Thanks, PP
  13. Hi, I've set up a new PC and installed my old version of RS (same version as on old PC);. All my jobs and such appear to have transferred properly. At least they're there and show up in RS. BUT. The jobs won't run. In desparation I wiped one of the backup drives and deleted the catalog file and was able to get one job to work. But the other jobs still won't start. I don't know what's missing. Do I have to delete the catalog for all jobs? That means I lose all older versions of the files. Any ideas? Thanks PP
  14. Thanks, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet. What a pain. PP
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