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  1. Just for the record, the problem continues on 10.2.0.
  2. I have a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 that has developed a problem with its Retrospect 9.0.2 client software. Even after completely uninstalling and reinstalling it, the client repeatedly exits with code 2 and immediately respawns. Eventually, the system throttle back the respawn rate. Naturally, nothing useful can be done with this client when it's going up and down like a yoyo. Any ideas on debugging this "code 2" exit? There are no other germane console messages on the client machine, often no other messages at all among a string of exit/respawn message pairs.
  3. Try the Retrospect Online Store, select Add-On, pick a package of 1, 5 or 10 client licenses. http://go.iomega.com/en-us/products/backup-software/retrospect-mac/add-on/
  4. In my case, the whole disk has been backed up. What is showing up erroneously in the report is the client itself. (One happens to be a laptop, so backing up that disk is pretty much backing up the laptop. Another is a single-disk virtual XP machine, same deal.) So, what criterion would select the disks and not the clients to which they are connected? Alternatively, what would it take to get a backup date or "backed up" status on the entry for a Client? By the way, why does right-click "Duplicate report..." seem to do nothing? It would have been nice to edit a copy instead of mucking with the supplied example.
  5. :confused2: How do you figure that? How do you say "Backup folders named 'B' enclosed by folders named 'A'" if you have only a 'folder' selector and no 'enclosing folder' selector?
  6. I'm not with Dantz, but maybe I can help. The "1 execution errors" message is just telling you how many other messages it gave you. In this case, there is just the one message 'File “Date & Time Preferences”: different modification date/time (set: 7/29/2002 9:25:02 AM, vol: 7/29/2002 10:11:37 AM), path: “OS 9 HD:System Folder:Preferences:Date & Time Preferences”. ' That is, the time stamp on this mentioned file was changed between the time it was backed up and the time it was checked. In the other example (over in the OS X forum), there were three execution errors, two of these time stamp discrepancies and one data size change. None of these is particularly surprising in a busy system. Retrospect doesn't consider any of these errors serious enough to stop execution, but reports them to you so you can decide whether you think action is required. (For example. if the change to Date & Time Preferences was a change of time zone, you might want to back up that file again to preserve the change.)
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