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  1. Look at Irena's post earlier in this thread, it has a link to the latest Retrospect 5.0 DriverUpdate. THen delete the retrospect folder under /library/preferences and start retrospect again, That made it work for me. Michael
  2. No help from Dantz, but deleting the prefs worked for me... Michael
  3. I've tried every combination of putting cd's in the burner and not, as well as removing all other devices from the firewire chain, and I did actually get it to work, here's the whole story... Start a backup going. Stop the backup. Try to start another backup, no joy. Under Devices, the cd-r shows up, but after you go through the incredibly slow process of starting an immediate backup, at the point where retrospect asks you to insert a disk, it fials to see any media regardless of weather there's a blank cd in the drive or not. If I delete the preferences, then it works fine, up until the point where I stop a backup in the middle. I haven't tried to see if I can make two backups in a row. I think it's a bug. I also think retrospect's support of this particular drive is a bit less then perfect. Apple's DIsc Burner, and Toast have no problems at all.
  4. Ok, I downloaded the driver update, everything's fine... retrospect sees the drive when I go to Devices, so I start a backup, and retrospect scans the hard disk, comes back as ready to backup, I click backup and then, it won't recognize any media in the cd-r drive! Now what gives?
  5. I just upgraded to Retrospect Express 5.0. (Mac OS X 10.1.5 on a 400 Mhz Titanium Powerbook) The hardware compatibility list says this drive is supported. Retrospect Express says "no backup devices found" under "devices". Device Status shows the drive as FireWire-A TEAC CD-W28E 1.1B What do I need to do to make it work? Michael
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