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  1. If you connect them with a crossover cable and the slow backup persists, you can start looking at networking hardware on the two machines, and eliminate the possibility of a network problem.
  2. The Adaptec 2930CU card is not supported under OS X, I'm afraid. Your drive must be connected to a supported SCSI card with the same pin configuration as the drive. A list of supported SCSI cards is on our site at: [url[http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=osx_scsi_adapter[/url] Thanks, Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  3. Were there any changes to the network hardware made when the repairs were done? What version of the client software is the PC running? Have you tried new cables? A crossover cable? Are there other PCs on the same network segment that work fine? What happens when you try to ping the client from the server?
  4. Check that you don't have the Retrospect client for older versions loading in your Classic system. Remove the Retrospect Client file from your OS 9 System Folder/Control Panel. Does this help? If not, make sure that the first interface in your OS X Network Preferences pane is the one that you want to use with Retrospect. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  5. There are a number of possibilities here, and without more detail, it's difficult to offer specific suggestions. Here are a few notes to get you started though. When you get the error -1028, go to the client and open the client control panel. What is the status? It needs to say that it's a TCP/IP client, and the client needs to be on. OS 9 does not support Multi-homing, so if you are using different IP addresses, you'll probably need to turn the client off and then on again after you change the protocol. If this doesn't work, you may need to connect to this client using AppleTalk instead of TCP/IP.
  6. File sharing uses different protocols than Retrospect. You need to check speeds over TCP/IP. From Configure > Clients, Get Properties on the XP laptop. What does this report? What speeds do you see over TCP/IP transfers? Can you connect these two computers with a crossover cable?
  7. In most cases, Retrospect will moce on to the next client, as it did in 4.x. There are some instances where the Net Retry dialog will hang the application, and Retrospect will not be able to move on. Dantz is aware of this and we are actively looking into this issue. Thanks, Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  8. > Adaptec 2940U2B SCSI-2 This SCSI card is unsupported under Mac OS X. THe VXA drive needs to be connected tot a supported SCSI card with the same pin configuration as the drive. Supported cards are listed here: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=osx_scsi_adapter
  9. OS X is not supported with upgrade cards, so Retrospect can't support this configuration either. Hardware requirements for OS X are listed in the license agreement shown during installation. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Retrospect does not write using track-at-once or disc-at-once to maintain data integrity. We also do not finalize the CD so that you can append data to a CD-R over multiple sessions. I will certainly log your comments as suggestions to our developers though.
  11. Don't insert a CD until Retrospect asks you for it. Does that help/ If not, what do you mean that it does not recognize the CD? Does it give an error? Does the CD not show up at all? Is the drive not visible?
  12. You need to be sure that no other programs have formatted the CD that you are using. Are these brand new CDs? If so, can you provide details on the drive that you are using? Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window) Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window) Device interface Media brand and size
  13. There have not been any updates released to address this. Dantz is looking into this problem. Thanks, Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  14. And the pin configurations of the card and the drive? Thanks.
  15. > Concerning my first original question: You can't combine them; it's one or the other. You'll either need to continue with your 5.0 prefs, or delete the 5.0 file and place the 4.2 file, launch, import, and then re-make your modifications to your filters. > Backup of OS 9 partition: done in OS X > Restore of OS 9 partition: done in OS X = successful? Yes. > Backup of OS 9 partition: done in OS X > Restore of OS 9 partition: done in OS 9 = successful? (Retrospect in OS 9 could use backup set created in OS X) Yes. > Backup of OS 9 partition: done in OS 9 > Restore of OS 9 partition: done in OS X = successful? Yes. OS 9 is relatively easy to restore, because it doesn't have the same kind of requirements that OS X does. OS X requires that it be restored from an OS X system to correctly assign permissions needed by the OS. OS 9 doesn't have these requirements.
  16. Great! Thanks for the update. This may be helpful to other users. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  17. Can you provide a bit more detail? Are you running 10.1.5 or 10.1.4? Do you get errors in Retrospect? Are there other processes happening at the same time? Does this happen on every backup? What are you backing up to? Exactly what version of Retrospect are you running?
  18. Look in the operations log for the backup performance. How close is this to the Finder copy speeds? Were there any errors? Try doing a Retrospect Duplicate - do you get the same performance? A Retrospect backup is going to take longer because the verification adds time. Retrospect also uses time for scanning, matching and reading permissions. Also, Retrospect may be copying hidden files that a Finder copy is missing. There isn't usually such a large discrepancy however.
  19. Is the password that you normally use to log in longer than four characters? Does it contain spaces? Have you made absolutely certain that your caps-lock isn't on? If none of the above apply, try creating a new admin account from the Users preferences pane, and using that username and password to launch Retrospect. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  20. One note: if you get a 530, that means that the IP address isn't valid. Choose Run from the Start menu and enter "WinIPcfg", which opens a window with some configuration information. Click its More Info button to see the full configuration. This will list the IP addresses on that machine. If the client in binding to the wrong card, and this is Windows 98, then unfortunately the operating system does not give us the flexibility to account for this. Some customers have reported that changing the order that the cards load can help. Windows 98 just doesn't have the a level of control that allows the Retrospect client to bind to a different card.
  21. To back these volumes up through Retrospect, you must go to Configure -> Volumes and map these volumes through Retrospect by clicking the Network button. Unless these volumes are mapped through Retrospect, you will be unable to see or use them. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  22. Regarding hangs with 10.1.5 and the VXA FireWire drive, go through some hardware troubleshooting. I'm running the VXA FireWire drive under 10.1.5 on a G4 and have yet to see a hang during the compare. First, some users have reported that typing on a USB keyboard during the compare phase caused problems. I've never seen this, however. Try a new tape to see if the problem is related to a faulty or damaged tape. Clean the heads with a cleaning cartridge. Isolate the device. Another device on the chain may be interfering with the backup device's communication. If your backup device is connected to your computer through a hub or another FireWire device, unplug it and connect it directly to a port on the computer. If it is already connected directly to the computer, try changing ports. If the problem persists, do not reconnect the other devices, and continue down the checklist. You may have a bad cable. Replace the cable that connects the device to the computer. Update or reinstall the FireWire adapter drivers and/or firmware. Corrupt drivers can cause issues that may not be otherwise detectable. Check the manufacturer's or vendor's website for updated drivers. The system board or FireWire/USB adapter in the computer may be having a problem. Install Retrospect on another computer, if available, and try the device there as the only device. The device itself may be defective. If you have implemented all of the preceding steps and get failures on new media after changing media, cables, software, firmware and computers, then the backup device, being the only factor that has not changed, is the the last variable. Contact your drive vendor for further diagnostics, tests, or to inquire about repair or replacement.
  23. Try disabling virus software or crash protection on that client. If this fails, run all disk utilities that you have on each drive of the client computer. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  24. That's exactly what Backup Server was designed for! Each drive will contain one Backup Set. Set up Backup Server to back up to both Backup Sets. It will run at the time that you specify, and will back up to whatever Backup Set is available at that time. Hope this helps!
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