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  1. Click Duplicate from the Immediate tab. You will chose your source and your destination, and you'll get a summary window which lists these, at which point you click "Duplicate." To script a duplicate, click Scripts from the Automate tab. Click Create New, then click Duplicate. You'll again pick your source and your destination, and you can create a schedule.
  2. We have not released an update to address this yet. I do understand your concern, and we certainly are looking into fixing this soon. If you choose the unattended option in the menu, you shouldn't have to worry about it, as it will run in unattended.
  3. Since no one's reported this as a problem, it's unlikely that it will be fixed Can you provide more details please? Has this always been the case? Have you tried reinstalling Retrospect? When are you still required to authenticate? Thanks.
  4. You can uninstall Express, but it's not required. As for the catalog files, you can use them with your new program, so if you'd like, you don't need to completely start over. Hope this helps!
  5. In your TCP/IP control panel, is it set to connect over Ethernet? If so, then everything is in order and it should be working. If it's not, I'd suspect a corruption in Open Transport. Try reinstalling Open Transport on that machine.
  6. Can you give the entire text and number of the error message that you get? And do please post the results of the test with the crossover cable. Thanks
  7. The only changes made to this release of the client are the three listed above. I'm sorry, but no changes have been made that address problems backing up AppleShare IP.
  8. Greetings, Dantz is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new Retrospect client version 5.0.536 for Mac OS X only. This new Retrospect client, a free upgrade for owners of Retrospect 5.0, provides the following improvements over older versions: 1. This version runs under Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). For additional information on Retrospect and Jaguar, please see the Dantz Knowledgebase article on Jaguar: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27638 2. Corrects a problem that caused the Retrospect client to spontaneously turn itself off after approximately 17 minutes. 3. The "Defer" button in the Backup Server alert window now functions properly under Mac OS X 10.1.x. Dantz recommends that all customers running Mac OS X use this latest Retrospect client. Owners of Retrospect 6.0 for Windows already have this client version and need not take any action. The Retrospect 5.0.536 client can be downloaded immediately from: ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/updates/client_mac_50536_installer.sit. Best regards, Dantz Development
  9. If you use the Add by Address button in the Configure > Clients window, do you get an error? What is the error? Did you make any changes at the time the backup stopped working? Have you tried connecting the two computers with a crossover cable? Have you checked that the interface that you wish to use with Retrospect is listed first in the Network Preferences pane on both the server and the client?
  10. Unfortunately, the older computers don't deal very well with "wake-on-network-access" situations. You could try setting up a Backup Server script that runs during the night, and it would retry clients that it couldn't access the first time around. Most people using the 4.3+5.0 strategy choose to run a new backup server. If you're running the backup on the same machine, you shouldn't use the same tape - I'd recommend keeping each backup and backup set separate.
  11. An error -519 means that the backup computer waited for 2 minutes with no response from the client. This isn't deemed reliable enough for backup data transfer, so the backup doesn't complete. The -1028 means that the computers cannot establish a TCP/IP connection in the first place. At that point, I'd bet that you would be unable to ping between the two computers. If you're getting these errors, then it's Retrospect telling you that there isn't a stable enough connection (or even that there isn't a connection at all), and it's possible that these computers aren't able to transfer the data reliably enough over TCP/IP. Test this for certainly by, as a test, replacing a computer that works with one that isn't backing up reliably. Swap everything, including the network card and cables. If this works, then you've pinpointed the problem and will have to look for other options. You could consider two backup groups; one 4.3 running an AppleTalk backup and the bulk of the backup running 5.0 over TCP/IP.
  12. When it's in that state, are you able to ping that client using a ping utility like OTTool? Open the TCP/IP control panel -- what does it say here? Status?
  13. By checking the pin configuration, I just mean this: take a look at the connector on the back of the computer, and the connector on the back of the drive. Do they have the same number and arrangement pins? Please post results when you are able to try another computer as well. Thanks!
  14. The default restore type (Restore files from a backup) will do this, as will a restore by search. If you'd like files to go back to where they came from, use the Restore entire disk option instead. If you only need to restore a few files, there are two VERY important steps to take to do this. First, in the destination selection window, you must change the pull-down menu from "replace entire disk" to "replace corresponding files." This prevents the possibility of data loss. Next, in the restore summary window, click Files Chosen. In the browser that appears, this is where you select the files that you want to replace. Once you've done this, close the broswer, check that the summary looks correct, and then click Restore. If you need more details, please see page 48 in your 5.0 User's Guide.
  15. When you lose TCP/IP connectivity, the client essentially will "shut down" while wainting for the conenction to refresh. Turning the client off and then on should force the client to re-find the TCP/IP connection.
  16. Hi, There hasn't been an update to the client yet; we'll post to the forum when this is available. In the meantime, how are you killing the client process? (BTW, you can tell what version you have by opening up the License Manager, from the Window menu. The numebr of clients associated with the application will tell you: 20 = Workgroup, 100 = Server.)
  17. An XP client may be left logged out, just like the main computer. Neither the application nor the client can always wake a sleeping computer, so it's best to set the hard drives to never sleep. We do plan to incorporate better support for "wake on LAN in the future" though!
  18. Your Retrospect Backup CDs will *never* be visible in the Finder. That's because the backup discs aren't finalized to be HFS, ISO9660, or UDF mountable formats (to allow future appends) so can never be read in a CD-ROM drive which requires one of these formats to mount a disc. The CDs made by one supported Retrospect CD-RW drive should be readable in any other supported Retrospect CD-RW drive, as long as you access the CD through Retrospect. It is possible that, in a few cases, this won't be true. This would normally be due to minor device or communication problems. It's more common with tape drives (where the heads of one drive will be very slightly out of alignment, and tapes created there can't be read elsewhere). It can certainly happen with CD drives as well, though, especially a much older drive and a much newer drive.
  19. Regardless of how that preference is set, when you try to access the program after it has *automatically* launched, it will require authentication. This should NOT prevent any backups from running though. The dialog box should only present itself if you try to access the program while it's running in unattended mode (as it does when it auto-launches). If you would prefer to avoid this, launch Retrospect manually and leave it running.
  20. This drive is fully qualified for use with Retrospect. Under OS X, I've seen this problem almost exclusively when the drive is connected to an unsupported SCSI card, or to a card with a different pin configuration than the drive. It's almost always a SCSI communication problem. On the software side, be sure that you don't have any additional drivers (ADK, RDU) loading (check your operations log). Also, update to the latest release of OS X. Try setting the drive ID to 0, 1 or 2, and the library to 3 above that. Check that the SCSI card is on our supported list: Mac OS X SCSI Host Adapter Compatibility List Beyond that, go through some OS X hardware SCSI troubleshooting. You can find full details on this in our Knowledgebase.
  21. What are the pin configurations of the card and the drive? Have you tried it on another computer?
  22. Does it happen immediately after starting a new backup set or does the error develop over time? If the latter, that could point to SCSI issues. Do you get crashes, freezes or other errors during backup? Is verification on? What happens after creating a new backup set? Does the error happen to multiple sets? What SCSI troubleshooting have you done? Have you tried a new cable? Terminator? Tried the drive on another computer? Have you checked with the vendor of the drive for firmware updates? Does it work under Mac OS 9 with Retrospect 5.0? Does a File Backup Set append normally? Thanks.
  23. Can you tell me a bit about how you've set up your restore? What is your source for the restore and what is the destination? Which method of restore are you using: restore entire disk, restore files from a backup, or search? Where is the catalog file stored? Can you back up without errors?
  24. Many users have reported success with a firmware update from Sony. The catch is that Sony does not seem to have made an updater that runs on a Mac; you have to move the drive to a Windows machine. From forum user tpayton, here is the URL for the Sony Tape Drives: http://sony.storagesupport.com/dds/index.htm Specifically for the 9000, here is the url to download the firmware update.: http://sony.storagesupport.com/dds/sdt_9000dwn.htm Here's the forum thread: Sony tape drive working for anyone in 10.1.3?
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