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  1. When you install the client, it asks you to choose a password. This is the password that you use to log it in. If you don't remember the password that you picked, uninstall the client and reinstall it again, making note of the password that you enter. Good luck!
  2. 1. Click the client in the first (Backup Client Database) window and FORGET it (this looks like an old version of the client). 2. On the 10.2 client, uninstall the client software that is currently on the machine and restart. 3. Install the latest version of the client, 5.0.536, and restart. After restarting, check the client's status and make sure that it says "Waiting for first access." 4. Back in the application, go to Configure > Clients > Network > TCP/IP > OS X and try to find the client. Is it there? If so, add it. If not: 5. Open up Network Utility (at Applications/Utilities) on the machine running the Retrospect application. Go to the ping tab, enter the client's IP address, and ping it. Is this successful?
  3. Can you please confirm that you have checked the Firewall on the computer itself? NOT an external one, but the built-in one in 10.2's sharing preferences? Is the client showing up in the first window that you get to when you click Configure > Clients? Are the clients in the same subnet? (Are the first 3 sets of numbers in their IP addresses the same?)
  4. The drive is supported, but there are a few users reporting an error with it. Dantz is looking into this error. Others have been able to use the drive with no problems.
  5. 10.2 has a built-in firewall in your System Preferences. In the Sharing preferences, click firewall, then click edit. Add the Retrospect port to the list of open ports. Mounting a computer on the desktop isn't done with the same protocols that Retrospect client communication is, so this doesn't really give us any more information. Is it showing up in the first window that you get to when you click Configure > Clients? Are the clients in the same subnet? (Are the first 3 sets of numbers in their IP addresses the same?) In "Show active network ports" is ETHERNET listed first?
  6. I'll update in this thread, but the one I'm referring to is at: 867DP + 9.2.2 + 4.3client = hang at startup Thanks, Irena
  7. Actually, this is something that has been reported elsewhere on the forum and that we're looking into. We will ceratinly keep you updated in the forum.
  8. You need to decide if you want to connect your backup device to a Mac or a PC and then that machine will have the Retrospect application installed on it. It will become your *Retrospect* server. It doesn't matter which OS you choose to run the application; you'll be able to back up both Mac and Windows clients either way. If you want to have a Mac as your Retrospect server, you need to upgrade to version 5.0 for Mac. If you'd rather have a PC for a server, you need to return the product you got and purchase Retrospect 6.0 for Windows.
  9. Did you get that information from us? 5.0 for Windows is not longer available; 6.0 for Windows is available but won't work for you since it's the Windows version. You need to get 5.0 for the Macintosh, which is the current shipping version.
  10. If you reboot with Mac OS Base extensions plus the Retrospect client extension, do you still get the freeze? If so, try changing the load order of your extensions. If this doesn't help, try reinstalling the OS.
  11. 4.3 is not supported for Mac OS X. You need to upgrade to 5.0 for compatibility. If you've just purchased the product, you can fax your proof of purchase to our customer service department and you'll likely be able to upgrade for free. If you purchased it more than 30 days ago, see this page for upgrade information: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=upgrade_wizard
  12. Is it showing up in the first window you get to from Configure > Clients? (Not the window you get to by clicking Network.) If so, forget it from there. Then click Network and locate it in the TCP/IP section for OS X clients. If it's not showing up there, check the following: 1. Check the TCP/IP preferences pane for each to be sure that they are on teh same subnet. 2. In the same window, change to Show Active Network Ports and be sure that Ethernet is listed FIRST in this window. 3. Check and firewall software on either computer, and be sure that port 497 is OPEN for incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP communication.
  13. In most cases, Retrospect works best in native mode. A few tips if your autoloader is not functioning as you've expected: - Refer to the configuration details that came with your autoloader for proper setup. If you are having problems with the loader in Retrospect, try changing SCSI IDs. If possible, the tape mechanism's SCSI address should be set to 0, 1, or 2, and the loader's address must be three higher, at 3, 4, or 5, accordingly. - If applicable, ensure that the loader is in random or SCSI mode, not sequential, POST, or LED mode. - Make sure that there are no extraneous drivers loading for the device. For instance, the ADK is not required under 5.0 at all, and there are no libraries that I know of that require any Retrospect Driver Update -- be sure that neither of these files are in the Retrospect folder.
  14. Is the client visible in the first Configure > Clients window? If so, forget it and then try re-adding it from the Network window.
  15. As long as both are 68 pins, you should be fine. Going from 68 pin VHD to 68 pin HD should be fine, assuming you're connecting it to a supported SCSI card.
  16. What version of OS X do you have intalled on the computer? As the message says, you need to have 10.1.2 or higher; if you don't have that, you'll need to get an update from Apple's website.
  17. In your case, you probably won't need to worry about privileges. This woudl only apply if you had, say made certain files only accessible to certain users. If you just want to copy your documents between the two, you should be OK.
  18. Express is designed promarilty to back up local files and folders only; backing up volumes on a remote computer isn't as easy, and Express doesn't have many of the features that allow you to set this up simply. If you can mount the other computer on the desktop of your computer, you should be able to back the folders up if you log into the Finder as root. Details are in the Retrospect Express Readme: "Backing Up To or From Mounted AppleShare Volumes: To back up to or from an AppleShare File Server (AFP) volume under OS X you must log in as root. For information on how to log in as root under OS X, please read Apple Computer's KnowledgeBase article #106290, Mac OS X: About the root User and How to Enable It. If you back up a mounted AFP volume with Retrospect Express, privileges are not preserved and can not be restored. The only way to back up and restore privileges from a volume over a network is to back up the computer using Retrospect 5.0 and Retrospect Client Software."
  19. ATTO cards under OS X have been great, based on customer feedback and our testing. If you are looking to get a card, check the supported card list first, and then be sure to purchase a 68-pin card. ATTO's site has a great PDF guide to their card's connections: http://attotech.com/scsi.html On the left hand side, click "Cable Guide(PDF)"
  20. We do not provide instructions on how to do this in the terminal. We recommend that you use a third party utility or log into the Finder as root if you are not certain of the commands to use in the terminal.
  21. You need Windows version 6.0 to back up Mac OS X clients. The version you have will not be able to connect.
  22. Here is the correct link: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27303 If for some reason this link does not work, you can always find the article yourself by searching the Knowledgebase for "39160." In every experience that we've seen so far, following these few steps *has* made this hardware combination work together.
  23. If the application is at 5.x, then in should show up correctly under either OS X or OS 9. You don't need to move it to your OS X system to use it. If you do move it, you shoudl moe the entire Retrospect folder, and not just drag the application icon. Also, check that you don't have more than one installation of Retrospect. It's also possible that the installation is damaged. You can always reinstall; the installer is called, simply, "Install Retrospect Express." If you'd like another copy of the installer, contact customer service at 888.777.5664.
  24. To back up over Airport, you need to turn on Ethernet bridging. Using Airport's NAT is not supported with Retrospect. The OS X version isn't a factor. When the AirPort is setup to bridge the existing Ethernet network, the client computer acts as if it was plugged into the LAN. With Ethernet bridging turned on, DHCP addresses can be acquired from the main server. NAT does not have to be used. Because NAT is not in use, Retrospect behaves normally.
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