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  1. In the Retrospect application, it's in the options for your script: Options > [More Choices] > Client Execution.
  2. The issue is not restricted to TiBooks. Although it is reproducible for those who are seeing it, not everyone is affected by it.
  3. Unfortunately, the fact that the card is listed there does not mean that it is supported, nor does it mean that it's identical to the 2930U. This also lists the 2940UW card, which Adaptec has stated on their site is, at this time, totally UNsupported under OS X. I imagine it's similar to drivers that Dantz loads for supported devices, and how that relates to support. Just becuase Retrospect recognizes a drive, that doesn't mean that it's supported. Recognition makes it easier for us to add future support, but only drives that have been tested and have passed qualification are officially supported. The 2930U and the 2930CU are made for different platforms. Did you purchase this card separately as an add-on? Adaptec support tells us that this card is actually only for the PC, and is not suported on the Mac (the 2930U is the equivalent card for the Mac). Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  4. You can use the Restore Entire Disk option. In the destination selection window, change "Restore Entire Disk" to "Replace Corresponding Files" and then select the client's hard drive as the destination. Retrospect will scan and note what is different or does not exist on the destination and write only those files. Be aware though, that it doesn't look at modify date, so if you have a newere version of a file on the destination, Retrospect will OVERWRITE the new version with the older version in the backup set.
  5. It's not really possible to say without a good look at the logs and trying a few test restores. You can certainly try restoring a file that received an error in the log to see if that file on the backup medium is OK. If not, try an immediate backup preview to see if that file is selected by Retrospect to be copied. If you'd like to have a tech go over the logs with you in depth, I'd recommend calling Tech Support. Otherwise, I'd suggest starting a new backup -- this is the only way to be 100% sure that everying is reliably backed up. You should have more than one backup set in any case.
  6. Retrospect has its own drivers for all supported devices. If a device isn't supported, you won't be able to use it with Retrospect. Check the mechanism in the drive (available from the Device Status window, from Configure > Devices) and compare this to the supported hardwre guide. If the drive isn't listed, Retrospect will not be able to write to the drive. We do add device support often, so check back. It isn't possible to say, though, if or when this particular drive will be supported, as it depends on how the drive does in testing. Best regards, Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  7. The Buslink USB hard drive is not supported by OS X, so if you are on OS X, you won't be able to use this as a backup device. From your post, it seems that you are not using this OS. If you can confirm, we can be sure this post is in the right forum. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech SUpport
  8. Unfortunately, if the computer doesn't see the drive, there isn't anything that Retrospect can do. We can load a driver for a visible device, but there is a basic SCSI problem if the drive isn't even visible to the System Profiler.
  9. That depends on what kinds of errors and how bad they were. If they did not copy, the Retrospect will certainly copy them again. If they didn't verify properly, it may recopy them. You can see what it's going to back up by setting up an immediate backup and clicking the preview button. Honestly, I'd recommend starting over with a recycle backup or a brand new backup set, especially if you determined that you had device problems before. Now that you've fixed them, this might be a good time to start a new backup set. Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  10. Thanks! I'm very glad this was helpful for you. 1. Just to make sure I understand about the use of "and" & "or": If I am excluding a dozen different enclosing folders such as those for iTunes Music, Retrospect Catalogs, photos, certain applications, specific documents, use the "or" in creating a list of selectors. Exactly. 2. Could you give me an example, please, of when you use "and'? Say I want to specify all preferences files that reside in my OS X home directory. If I created a selector that specificed, say, include file name contains "pref" OR enclosing folder name contains "irena," I'd get all the files on my whole computer with names containing "prefs" *and* all the files in my home directory. If I used the AND condition, I'd only get files that met BOTH criteria: files in my home directory with "pref" in the name. 3. On a somewhat different topic, how does one exclude certain enclosing folders on my user desktop without excluding everything on my OS X partition desktop? (examples: * folder for holding downloaded applications or their new versions until I get around to copying them to a CD; folder for holding new documents or applications I wish to move later to my other computer) The easist way to do this is to use the Exclude Cool Items selector (or include such a criterion in your custom selector), and then to use a shareware utility like Xray to label the unwanted items as cool. Download it at: http://www.brockerhoff.net/xray/
  11. Immediately after the assert happens, are you able to reproduce it by repeating the same operation (or letting backup server repeat the same operation)?
  12. That's actually on the Airport side.
  13. What operating system is this? Have you run disk utilities on each computer? When do you get the error? What are you doing in Retrospect? Are you able to repair or rebuild the catalog file?
  14. Can you use the Mac OS X Network utility to ping the Windows 200O client? Are the clients still in the same subnet? Here are a few tips for Airport clients: 1. Assign each airport client a static IP address. 2. Turn on Ethernet Bridging so the airport client gains an IP address from a DHCP server on the Ethernet network. It will not work if airport is sharing its IP address to connected computers using DHCP. airport uses a technology called NAT. Retrospect will be able to see these clients via multicast, but will not be able to communicate with them.
  15. What is the operating system of the client? How many clients do you have? Does this happen with all clients? There are a number of troubleshooting steps to pinpoint the cause of the 519 error. Have you gone through any of the suggestions in the Knowledgebase article? It's at: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=knowledgebase_article&id=186
  16. Have you actually upgraded any computers to OS X? If so, this adds some additional factors that could be causing this. In any case, you'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting to pinpoint what is causing this error. First, be sure that, in the Retrospect application, you do not have a speed threshold set for the clients. If you do, remove this. One quick test is to try connecting the two computers with a crossover cable. This can tell you if you should concentrate troubleshooting the client machine, or the network connection between the computers. If you don't have a crossover cable, disconnect a client that is working currently and connect the iMac to the network in it's place. Do you still get the Net Retry? If so, make sure there are no firewalls or virus protection on the computer. Run disk utilities on the hard drive and see if there are any updates availabel from Apple for that model. If the problem goes away when you connect with different hardware, start looking at network cables and hardware, and swap pieces out until you find the item that is causing the problem.
  17. Try uninstalling the client and reinstalling, ensuring that you're logged into the Windows machine as the local administrator. Also, check that the permissions on those files are set such that the administrator has access to them. You can also check, from the Retrospect application side, that the client is seeing all drives: from Configure > Clients, make sure that all drives have been added in. Are you able to browse the client from Configure > Volumes?
  18. Very old clients will not work with your version of Retrospect. You'll need to purchase a 5-pack of clients to allow backup of the other computers to the computer you have running Retrospect. Since you are most likely to find version 5.0 clients, you may need to call Customer Service at 888.777.5664. Alternately, for a limited time you can update your Desktop version to the Workgroup version (5.0) for $199. If you plan to update to OS X at any point, you'll need to do this, as 4.3 doesn't have OS X support. For about $75 more, you'll add the ability to back up ASIP or OS X server, and up to 20 computers running any OS, including OS X. Hope this helps!
  19. Can you provide a bit more information? Can you ping with the IP addresses? What OS? Are there multiple IP addresses? Are the clients in the same subnet? When you try to add the client, do you get an error? If so, what error What version of Retrospect?
  20. 5.0 does not use the ADK. Your first post said that you were using 4.3 on system 9. Is this the case? If so, and if you no longer have the ADK, you can try calling customer service to see if you registered it, and they may be able to send you a replacement. Alternately, you'll need to upgrade to 5.0, which will no longer require the ADK.
  21. We are certainly looking into ways to improve this in a future release. Thanks!
  22. It sounds as if you just need to make one change to your criteria: change "Folder" to "Enclosing Folder". This assumes that this is your only criterion. Enclosing Folder will get anything files directly in the iTunes folder plus any subfolders and all their files, where choosing Folder will get only files in the iTunes folder and will NOT get subfolders or their files. If you have several criteria, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that unrelated criteria are linked by "or." For example, how do you select a folder whose name is "Applications" AND whose name is "System Folder?" It's impossible. But it makes much more sense to select a folder whose name is "Applications" OR whose name is "System Folder." Another good thing to remember is to "check" your Selector. Do this by, in your Selector edit window, selecting "Check Selector" from the Selector menu. Choose a volume and Retrospect will apply your Selector to that volume in real-time. This will save you having to wait until a backup to see if it's been set up correctly. Also, you can modify your script in any way you like; the backup set imposes no constraints as to your source or selectors between backups.
  23. There are no code changes between the two. You can always download the latest version of the client by clicking the Updates link next to "Retrospect Clients" at: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=download_software#MP
  24. Are you able to reproduce this? Do you know at what point in the backup, exactly, the crash happens? Copy phase? Compare? Are there any errors in the Retrospect operations log? Have you tried reinstalling the application? New Backup sets? How large are the sets that you're backing up to now? Are they on the same drive as the Retrospect application? If not, are they on an external drive? How is the drive the are stored on formatted?
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