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  1. I am too having the same problem of getting the error -530 for the past few weeks. The error I'm getting is: Can't access volume xxx-macHD on xxx iMac, error -530 ( backup client not found) 1/1/2010 1:02:07 PM: Execution incomplete I tried restarting my Airport Extreme, but unfortunately this didn't fix the problem. I am running mac os x 10.6.2 on both computers. The retrospect version is 8.1 build 626 and the client is 6.3.027. I can access the client computer from the finder without any problem. In retrospect, however, I can not browse the other computer from the "sources" screen. Any suggestions? It seems odd (and frustrating) that I can use the finder to get to the other computer, have the client running on the other computer and be getting this error. Thanks in advance. reob
  2. I downloaded a trial version of retrospect 8 for the mac and decided to purchase it. I went to EMC's web site store and purchased it. I expected that I would be able to give a new retrospect serial number instead of my trial license. I didn't see how so I deleted the trial version, downloaded the new version and installed it. It never prompted me for the license key. How do I delete the license key that this there? Or what is the best way to get this out of the trial mode? Thanks.
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