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  1. I've encounted this same issue several times, using just Restrospect password, no dodgy characters, just letters and numbers. Reformated and restarted one disk, but reluctent to do so again as it builds up history on the disk.
  2. No replies to this, but it's still happening under the latest 856 build. Not sure what other info can add to help?
  3. I'm running v8 in Proactive Backup, to an off site rotating set of three HDs (Blue/Silver/Black). Some days it handles the fact a drive is off site fine, others it keeps attempting to backup to a drive not even connected to the Mac. To try and stop this I've unchecked the drive that is at home, so it shouldn't attempt to backup to that drive. This usually works but today despite this the script is still attempting to backup to the unchecked media. I used to do this under v6 to rotating tapes without any issues. Server & console both running on 10.5.7 iMac 2.4 C2D
  4. Sorry, maybe what that should have said is 'Clients I've had to turn back on today' or 'Clients that have turned themselves off today'. I'll try and keep updating as I note any further clients turn off. Seems easier to track now in v8 than it was under v6.
  5. Had a long running problem with the clients turning off. Thought a earlier update was meant to fix this but still getting this now, including on desktop machines with Airport turned off. Any methods to fix this for good? TIA Jon Edit Clients turned back on today iMac C2D 2.0GHZ 10.4.11 iMac C2D 2.4GHZ 10.5.4 Both with Airport off, both running 6.3.019 Agent
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