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  1. Hi, maybe someone who can help me here... I am trying to backup exchange mailboxes on an exchange 2013 server Exchange is installed on a Windows 2012 server. The strange thing is that I can login with the properly configured rbu account into the Exchange SERVER, with the Mailbox database. But I am not able to browse inividual mailboxes. Keep telling me that my credentials are wrong. Is there anybody who rant into this situation..? Please drop me a line, thanks in advance... Kees Timmer
  2. Hi Russ, thanks for your time... I work with retrospect for i think 10 years or so. And I am doing what I always do... My source is a a raid system formatted macos extended journaled. My destination are firewire harddisks also formatted macos extended. I made a bunch of copy scripts in which I "overwrite entire volume". Although In the first days when I started with version 8 I did not dare to use this option because there was a dialog that it would erase the source. "But thanks to the great manual I know now that this message appears to make system engineers confused" ha,ha In retrospect 6 on a mac or 7 on windows I always make duplicate scripts. I have an exact mirror of my data. And it takes less time. When somethings happens I only have to bring up a firewire disk and the company can work on!! I upgraded two sites with the new version 8 but I can not manage to make it work like it was in the Retrospect 6.x days.
  3. Since I upgraded for my customer from retrospect 6 to version 8.1, I am completly lost ;-) In the "old days" I duplicated only changed files to the destination... It didn't take much time..! Now every time I copy (in 8.0 terminology) my source to destination it takes ONE AND A HALF DAY... Am I doing things wrong. Maybe someone can give me clues and hints please I am very desperate! thanks in advance
  4. We cannot manage to do a backup of all mailboxes from an exchange 2007 server... I have noticed that only the very first mailbox in my list copies data in the storage set.The information about the rest of the mailboxes in the logfile says: "no files need to be copied". Has anyone see this behaviour..? Any succes stories about the exchange addon within Retrospect would be helpfull. We do have a lot of trouble ...!
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