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  1. Hello forum, just a quick question. Is the network link between backup client and retrospect server compressed? Thanks Cristiano
  2. Hello, Single BU performance is about the same, but you can run them in parallel. I get speeds from 200 MB/min (linux) to 1.7/2.1 GB/min with mac clients. The advantage of grooming is that you perform the full backup just once, subsequent backups are only incremental. Keep in mind that grooming time depends on number of files in a backup, non on the mediaset size. So try to balance the number of mediasets versus the number of clients. Performance copying from the disk to the tapes is also between 1-2 GB/min. I have a NEC LTO4 SAS autoloader. Ciao Cristiano
  3. Have a smilar setup, concurrent backups to an 10 TB iScsi drive, and than once per month I copy the last backup of every client to tape. I have also a scheduled grooming script to keep the backups form growing to large. It works, as long retrospect behaves well. Cristiano
  4. Ok, narrowed down the problem to a folder. Moved it to another volume and then back again, and it did work. The narrowing process took quite a lot of time: it's possible to get a verbose log of the backup process? C.
  5. Hello, while trying to backup a local volume I get this error during the volume scan: + Normal backup using testScript at 12/28/2009 11:51 PM (Execution unit 1) To Media Set Storage1... - 12/28/2009 11:51:28 PM: Copying Storage1 MapError: unknown Mac error 63 > Scanning incomplete, error -1002 ( unknown Mac OS error) I'm using 10.6.2 server, last updates and the latest retrospect. I've checked the source volume for errors with diskUtil and the disk seems to be ok! Any help is welcome! Ciao Cristiano
  6. Maybe it's this issue http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?fid/130/tid/32272 C.
  7. Ok, seems I have been hit by the daylight time bug http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?fid/130/tid/32272 C
  8. It's possible to schedule an script to run every day of every second month? Thanks Cristiano
  9. Nope, copied media set to another mac. Still not rebuilding..
  10. I use multiple media sets, also of different types, disk and tape. And it has happened on all media sets I think the glitch is @ the server level. Later today I will copy the media sets to another mac and try from there C.
  11. As a note: backups on the media-sets are still running fine, it does matching an just writes the new files, so retrospect has still notion of what it's in the catalog. Tomorrow I will try to copy the media-set to another mac, install retrospect there and try a rebuild of the catalog. Let's see what happens Thank you Russell I'm appreciating your help!
  12. I could try to switch to another sw initiator, but I don't think it's related to iScsi as I also have the same problem on a tapeset I am trying to restore. Both the catalog of the tapeset and the destination volume are on a sw raid inside the macpro. Btw it's 10.6.x I think in the worst case I just have to drop my configuration and start from beginning...
  13. The volume is about 3 TB It's a HFS+ Journaled Volume, mounted via iScsi Just before i did start the grooming, My retrospect installation had another issue. The configuration got corrupted an retrospect engine wasn't able to start. To solve the problem I did a recover of the retrospect configuration form some days before from the time machine. Cristiano
  14. Hello, this is a sequence of what I did, The error on the second image is when I try to browse the files on a backup. The last image is when I try to preview the restore. After that i just press start, and nothing happens. Not even an error in the logs C.
  15. Ok, I didn't groom the tape, and actually rebuilding the catalog seems to work. But then I can't restore nothing from the tape, or even browse the files, it'says : "bakcup not available" No fancy options, I just have a 32 backups retention policy yes, have tried it, and the result is a media set w/o members and zero files in it. Actually since it takes just a couple of seconds, it seems to me, that it's not even trying to rebuild it. Could it be file system permission issues on the catalogs/media sets files? C.
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