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  1. When attempting to browse any of my past backups The "accessing backup..." little window never goes away. The media set I use for all backups is an internal 3Tb raid 5 setup.
  2. I'm seeing this in the os x console when trying to open the retrospect console. Warning - unable to find template matching predicate activityType CONTAINS[cd] "Proactive" This is then repeated once and Retrospect exits abnormally on a segmentation fault. Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea how I might go about resolving it? Thanks much.
  3. Not sure what is causing this yet but I am able to get the console to launch by having it launch in 32 bit mode(this can be found in the console apps Get Info window on 10.5.8 at least) I removed the only proactive script that I had scheduled but that didn't fix the console crashing on launch so That probably isn't causing the problem.
  4. Backing up practically no files at all really. All Windows clients. Retrospect has been running in this setup for about 2 months and no machine that it is backing up has more than 600 files backed up. When I am able to browse the backups it seems that most of the files that were backed up are temp files. All scripts are set to Backup All Files Except Cache Files. Please help
  5. rhagengwu

    R8 not backing up all files

    Sorry for the confusion but I'm a little baffled myself. I do now know if it's just since the last incremental, how could I find this out? The total used space for my media set(about 500Gb) is about right for my 9 clients, but when I browse the Past Backup of any machine the green check is mostly by temp files and things located in Local Settings. Mind you, this is all only on the rare occasion that I'm able to access these backups.
  6. Client is on Vista laptop. I've sat with the user and watched this fail, so I know they aren't just pulling the laptop off it's dock. What might be causing this? Errors like: -1535070988 -190545748 -1535070988 and -1022. Several others, mostly a number in the millions or billions. Server is a 8Core Mac Pro 2.66 w/3gb of ram
  7. rhagengwu

    Scanning Incomplete on Proactive backup

    Am I missing something incredibly simple?
  8. rhagengwu

    Accessing Backup

    I've been having a similar problem. After a while I get an Backup Unavailable error though. Similar setup. Newest gen Mac pro. 8 core 2.66 xeon, 3gigs of ram. 1 drive for system. 3 1.5tb drives in a raid 5 array for my media set. 1.3 mil files. 440Gb used. 227Gb free. No active backups while trying to access backups.