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  1. I would erase the tapes in Retrospect 6.1, but they are in yellow and the 'erase' button is greyed out in Retrospect. -John
  2. Maybe I just have a couple bad tapes, but I was wondering why... I have an AIT-2 (SDX2-50C) tape that I erase in my G4 running OS 9 with Retrospect 5.x and it erases the tape and says it is empty and I erase it just to double-make sure. If I reboot the same Mac in OS X 10.5 and fire up Retrospect 6.1, it shows the same tape in yellow and won't let me erase the tape. Why is this? Maybe I need to do a 'long erase' when in OS 9 on the tape? Thanks
  3. Mac user switching from Retrospect 5 Mac to Retrospect 6 for Mac. Running Retrospect 6.1.230 with driver update 1) I noticed that there were a few AIT tapes that I could not erase. In Retrospect the 'Erase' button was greyed out for some of them. Seemed like the tapes I could erase showed a blue colored tape icon. The other tapes I could not erase had a yellow tape icon. The tapes were not set to 'read only' mode. 2) Maybe things work different in v6, but I can't click on a tape and click 'Scan Selected' since it is greyed out. So what I ended up doing was clicking on the icon for the AIT drive itself and just have it scan all tapes which doesn't seem right, since sometimes I only want to scan one particular tape. My AIT drive: Sony LIB-D81 Version 0101 Driver: Sony Library 5.03 It's AIT Drive Sony SDX-700C Version 0202 Sony AIT-3 DC 5.03 Here is a screenshot when I try to erase a tape: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/155505/retrosopect.png
  4. Thanks. Turns out the fix was simple. Since Retrospect seemed to recognize I had the LIB-D81 connected, I hadn't bothered to change the SCSI ID of the LIB-D81. But changing the SCSI ID of the LIB-D81 fixed my problem. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if my Sony AIT external 8 slot autoloader, model LIB-D81 is supported with my Retrospect 5.1.177 for OS 9? Retrospect shows in the 'Device Status': SCSI ID: 0 Vendor: Sony Product: LIB-D81 Version 0104 Driver: (no driver) My computer works fine recognizing my other tape drive when I have it hooked up - an external 4 tape SONY AIT-2 autoloader (TSL-500c I think is the model). Thanks!
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