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  1. Thanks for your reply, Nigel. We have never used Time Machine. (I find Retrospect backups along with a clone on a separate partition to be a better solution for us.) I finally just went into Sources and Removed the duplicate volumes (and that made me nervous!). To this day I don't understand why Retrospect thought that there were three identical Macintosh HD volumes on my wife's laptop.
  2. Thanks very much for your reply, David. I understand your suggestion and will try it. 1. I'm just wondering why there are (as of today) four Macintosh HD volumes (plus one Recovery HD) listed as sources for my wife's Macbook. I assume all are identical since they're the same size. 2. Backing up all four volumes is also taking a lot of space on the backup hard drive (I guess -- it's starting to get full). I assume that the only way to recover that space is to erase the backup volume and create a new script.
  3. iMac OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra) server Macbook OS X 10.4.2 (Mojave) client Retrospect 15.6.1 (105) on server and client After upgrading client (Macbook) to Mojave, the server thinks that there are three identical size Macintosh HDs in the client (there's only one, not counting the Recovery Disk). It backs up all three. One is called "Macintosh HD@snap-139086 on [wife's] MacBook". Should I just delete all the sources on the server and re-add the one Macintosh HD? Thanks.
  4. Okay, this finally fixed my problem with the server not being able to locate the client (MacBook) on our LAN: 1. After uninstalling client on MacBook, I deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.retrospect.Retrospect-Client.plist (I didn’t see any Retrospect pref file in Library/Preferences). 2. Reinstalled client on MacBook. Restarted. 3. On server>Sources, deleted MacBook and re-added it. 4. Script finally ran correctly.
  5. Server is on iMac running OS X 10.12.6, Retrospect ver. 15.1 Client is on Macbook running OS X 10.12.6, Retrospect client ver. 15.1 Have been able to successfully backup the client for months now, but overnight it can't be found by the server. Some strange actions by the client: suddenly the Retrospect icon has appeared in the top menu (I had it turned off), I can't turn the client on (in System Prefs) at the Macbook, etc. Reinstalled the client at the Macbook (server couldn't locate it to install), but it still acts the same and can't be found by the server. Should I completely uninstall the client and reinstall? If so, how do I do that? Thanks.
  6. I am now using: OS X 10.12.6 Retrospect Desktop 14.5 (installed a few minutes ago) I also have on my computer: Retrospect versions 6, 8, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 13.5, and 14. 1. Is there any reason why should I keep any of these older versions? 2. What's the best way to get rid of unwanted versions? (Just drag to trash? Use uninstallers?) Thanks.
  7. Rebuilt the Media Set's catalog and that solved the problem. I guess the catalog must have become corrupted when the server crashed while running a backup script using that Media Set.
  8. I think I see what the problem is: I can unlock each Media Set (there are 4, all on separate partitions on one hard drive) except for the one I'm trying backup to. When I enter the password, it won't unlock. Does that mean that it is corrupted somehow?
  9. Yes, I've been using Retrospect on and off for several years and this is the first time I've ever experienced this problem. Of course, my server doesn't usually freeze during a backup. (Not Retrospect's fault -- Firefox crashed.) Uninstalled the client and erased retroclient.state. Reinstalled client. Refreshing client on server did nothing, so I deleted it and readded it. Ran script but nothing (again) happened. Not sure what to do next. Thanks.
  10. Server computer: Mac Pro OS X 10.6.8, Retrospect 11.5.3 Client computer on LAN: MacBook Pro OS X 10.6.8, Retrospect Client 11.5 While backing up client, server crashed due to Firefox problem. Ret client's preference pane now has On/Off switch grayed out in "On" position ("Protected by Retrospect"). When I try to run the backup script on the server, nothing happens. Powered down both computers and restarted. No change. Should I reinstall client? Thanks.
  11. I listed the order code number (30310-0500-0002) but I guess it's not that obvious on the page. It's the only one that sells for $99 (PCIE-2S). Yes, the external hard drive has its own power supply. I will try yanking the card altogether and hopefully that will resolve this issue (no more SATA ports, though).
  12. I've been using DW for years. I currently have version 4.2.
  13. Yes, I think there's a conflict between Ret 8.2 and my eSATA card (WiebeTech 30310-0500-0002): 1. Booted MacBook Pro (downstairs) from external hard drive with new installation of Leopard. Ret worked fine (no hang). 2. Booted MacBook Pro from internal drive and Ret worked fine. 3. Booted Mac Pro (upstairs) from internal drive with all external drives powered down. Ret worked fine (no hang). 4. Powered on eSATA external drive, opened Ret and clicked Add. Ret hung. 5. Restarted and tried #3 and 4 again. Same result. 6. Restarted and tried #3 (fine) and then external drive with Firewire 800 instead of eSATA. Ret worked fine. Ran TechTool Pro 4 Basic Suite on Mac Pro (upstairs) and everything (RAM, drives, etc.) came up fine. I had no problems with this setup before 8.2. Where can I get 8.1? Thanks for all the suggestion in solving this problem. I don't think I would have thought of a hardware conflict by my lonesome.
  14. Okay, installed Leopard on clean external hard drive and installed all updates. Installed Ret console and engine. Restarted (just to be careful). Opened Ret and clicked on Add (+) in Script. Ret hung. Restarted. Opened Ret and clicked on Add in Sources. Ret hung. Restarted from internal hard drive. Opened Ret and clicked on Add in Scripts. Ret hung. Does this mean I have a hardware conflict? Ret worked for most of a year without problems with: PCIe card installed to provide two eSATA ports; Firewire audio interface. This external drive with the new Leopard install wasn't using the PCIe card with the eSATA ports (you'd have to install the driver to use the card) -- it was using a Firewire 800 cable.
  15. Nope. Going to try running Ret from an external hard drive with a fresh installation of Leopard. If it fails on that, I guess it means I have a hardware issue.
  16. Ret will behave itself for a while and then hang. Just spent a few minutes creating a test rule, a new script, looking at sources, etc. Then clicked Add (+) to create another new script and Ret hung.
  17. Ah, I bet you're talking about Prefs>Rules. Yes, I just created a test rule, saved it, created a new script that included it. (Didn't actually run the script.) Should I run a test script or did you just want to see if a new rule could be created and saved without crashing Ret?
  18. Yes, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just tried it and it worked (no hang).
  19. Sorry for being dense here, but you're referring to Scripts>Rules? Like pick a script and change "All Files" to "All Files Except Cache Files" (my usual selection)?
  20. Yes, same as when I click + (Add) when trying to create a new script. Sometime it works, sometimes it hangs. Eventually, it _always_ hangs. Or a network issue. Dave Yeah, I wondered about this. Like Ret is trying to contact something and can't do it. My network is pretty simple though: both computers are connected via Ethernet to an Airport router. No firewalls active.
  21. Yes, the engine and console are both on the Mac Pro. Just tried it by installing console and engine on MacBook Pro, and client on Mac Pro. When it doesn't hang, it never finds the client (Mac Pro in this case). The Mac Pro has a PCIe card installed to provide two eSATA ports. But I used Retrospect successfully for a year with this card until I started having problems recently (with Ret 8.2). Same deal with a Firewire audio interface -- I've been backup up for a year with it attached. The Mac Pro has 9 GB of RAM. While running Ret, Mac Pro is running mundane stuff: Mail, Safari, iCal, Address Book, Word. Same on client. Is this the same thing: Booted Mac Pro from clone (on ext. hard drive) of MacBook Pro. Opened console (engine running off MBP clone, of course) from MBP and clicked Add in Sources. Ret hung. Executive Summary :-) Completely replaced console and engine on both Mac Pro (Leopard, upstairs) and MacBook Pro (Leopard, downstairs). Erased config and pref files (after stopping engine, etc.). Sometimes Ret (Mac Pro) can find client (MacBook Pro) and sometimes not. Sometimes Ret can backup client, but Ret _always_ eventually hangs when trying to add a source or script. Completely flummoxed.
  22. Uninstalled Ret and engine. Restarted. Reinstalled fresh copies. Restarted. Opened console and entered license code. Clicked Add to add a source (client laptop) and Ret hangs. Force quit and restart. Same thing happened. Stop engine, delete config files, delete pref file, restart. Same thing happens. Any idea what in the world is going on? Any idea how to get Ret 8.1? I see versions 4, 5, and 6 in the archives but not 8.0 or 8.1.
  23. Well, I thought erasing (in ~/Library/Preferences) was going to do the trick, as I was able to create scripts, backup, etc. But when I later reopened the console, it hung up when I click the Add button to create a new script. Guess it's time to uninstall Ret, erase the backup volumes (on external hard drive), and create new scripts. Sigh... Don't know if it's a coincidence, but it seems like all this pain started with Ret 8.2. BTW, last 30 hours -- Retrospect Forum replies: 5 Roxio Tech Support replies: 0 (other than autoreply) Forum wins again. :-)
  24. Following the procedure shown in a previous post, I can enter the license code and can click on the items in the console's left-hand column (Activities, Scripts, etc.), but any time I click on the Add button (to create a new script or add a new source), Retrospect hangs and I must force quit. Should I completely uninstall Retrospect (on my Mac Pro) and the client (on my wife's MacBook Pro) and reinstall? Or could it just be a corrupt file? I did not mention in previous posts: Retrospect 6.1 (with old license) has been installed on my wife's laptop for a long time. It also has the newest client installed. To the best of my knowledge, this has never created any problems on my end (running Ret 8.2 on my Mac Pro). Thanks.
  25. That's what puzzles me -- I have no idea. I've been using Retrospect for over ten years but this is the first time I've ever seen this behavior. You may be right. Now, when I click on Sources in the console, Retrospect hangs and I have to force quit. Is this the correct procedure? 1. Quit console. 2. Stop Ret engine. 3. Delete the Config80.dat and Config80.bak files (currently in MacHD>Library>Application Support>Retrospect). 4. Restart engine. 5. Open console. Thanks.
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