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  1. Hi Russ, Thanks for your reply. As far as making the move to OS X, I have 6 machines running OS X. There is a reason I have this old G4 running OS 9 - it has to do with SCSI drives and software. That's why I'm trying to get this drive to read these files - I want to reconstitute some very old files and formats. I'm hoping that Retrospect 5 will do the trick. Thanks again. Ross
  2. I just purchased a brand new Tandberg VXA-2 SCSI drive. I'm running it off of a Mac G4 with OS 9.2.2 using Retrospect 4.3. I keep getting the "no device found" message. I have taken everything off of the chain except the Tandberg. I know the SCSI chain is good - I get grreen lights on my SCSI monitoring cables. I can find and use my old Sony DDS drive without a hitch. Is this a compatibility issue? Do I need to upgrade this version of Retrospect? Is there a list of compatible drives somewhere? Thanks!
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