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  1. Robin, The uninstall then install locally on the clients has resolved the issue. I guess we'll consider this a bug in the remote update feature for Windows Retrospect server when updating Mac clients. I found reports of this happening to other users in the forum with an older version of the client, it seems to have come back... Thanks, Tim
  2. After a uninstall/reinstall locally on the client (using Client_OS_X-6_2_234.dmg) it appears to stay set to on, after restarting. I'll update next week after the user takes it home, shutsdown, etc. To see if it persists as on.
  3. I'm testing that on one of the clients now. I'll update once finished. We have two locations, running Retrospect Server, this one which is Windows based server, and the other which is a Mac based server running 6.1. The clients updated at the second location from the Mac Retrospect server did not have this issue.
  4. On the server, If I look at the properties for any of the Mac clients after a fresh reboot of the clients, I have not connected, and if I click refresh I get an error -530 (backup client not found) On the clients, the status is set to off in the Retrospect Client. Restarting the clients causes the Retrospect Client to turn to off.
  5. Hello, I have seen some KB articles, and posts relating to this with an older version, but I am having it with 6.2.234 now. I am running Windows 7.6.11 (Windows 2003 Server Standard) and upgraded my Mac clients via the rcu for 6.2.234 Now they are off when they restart. Do I need to touch each computer and uninstall/reinstall with the downloaded installer? Thanks, Tim
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