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  1. Thank you, that's helpful. Another quick question, if I may: If I replace "/Library/Caches/" by "Library/Caches", will it now also match /User//Library/Caches/? I assume that the original version only matches the global library.
  2. I am trying to test a new rule. Using the Backup Wizard, I found that no files were selected and indeed discovered an error in the rule that could have caused this. However, every other attempt to test the rule seems to show that all files are selected. I decided to run a test backup, deliberately changing the files that I wanted to be excluded, and the backup log showed no discrepancies for them, suggesting that they were indeed excluded. So I'm not convinced that the backup preview function is reliable. All I am trying to do, incidentally, is to define a rule that excludes the standard caches and trash files under Mac OS X. Such a rule is supposedly provided, but I'm not convinced that it works. The documentation of rules in the manual is extremely sketchy and does not explain, for example, what "/Library/Caches/" means as a Mac path as opposed to a UNIX path. At the very least, can we have more thorough documentation please?
  3. I have similar problems. The retrospect console was working fine until Friday, when I mistakenly selected the Remove option in the gear wheel. This presumably disconnected the console from the engine, removing all information about backups and scripts, leaving me with a screen that just says, Welcome to Retrospect! It is supposed to connect to the engine automatically (it is running on the same machine after all), but it doesn't. Proof that Retrospect is utterly broken comes when I select preferences/licenses and see a blank screen with the deadly words "not online". The last time I reported this, support staff had nothing to say. I hope by now they have worked out what this means.
  4. After a very lengthy phone call to a support centre in the United States, they seem unable to reproduce the problem and could only suggest a full reinstall. Which I will think about...
  5. Using the real IP address didn't make any difference. I suspected an ownership/permissions problem involving the file that stores the licensing information, but I don't know where this resides. All the files in /Library/Application Support/Retrospect are owned by root. Is there a telephone number for technical support that isn't eight time zones away from the UK?
  6. The license manager does not display any licenses and does not provide any means of adding licenses. It does not display the small + and register/purchase buttons but instead displays the message "not online".
  7. I think the problem is indeed connected with licenses. I almost certainly set up Retrospect on the network managed account, where the licenses pane shows my license code as desktop, client pack, etc. On the administrator account, no licenses are shown on that pane, nor does there appear to be any way that I can enter a license code.
  8. Yes, that is precisely the point. The engine is indeed running: ~/isabelle/Repos/src/HOL: ps uA | grep Engine root 59 0.1 0.6 211268 57968 ?? Ss 3:11pm 13:58.86 /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetroEngine I don't see provision for attachments in this forum, or I would send you the screenshots I get when I attempt to run Retrospect on both counts. on the administrator account, I made a manual connection to, but the display still says "not connected".
  9. I mean that Retrospect runs well if I am logged in to my usual account. However, it does not run if instead I login on a separate account intended for administration. The point is that my main account is network managed, and is inaccessible if for example the machine cannot connect to the network. This is not a theoretical point. I had to reformat my hard drive on Monday, and fortunately was able to restore my files using Time machine; although I had a recent Retrospect backup, Retrospect would not run on the administrative account. This refers to Retrospect Version 8.1 (build 526). Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro3,1 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 8 Memory: 10 GB System Version: Mac OS X 10.6.1 (10B504)
  10. My machine is managed over a network, but has a local administrator account as well. I normally manage Retrospect backups from the network-based account, and it seems to work fine. However, I have recently noticed that if I launch Retrospect from the local administrator account, it fails to connect to the engine and therefore cannot be used. This is serious because if my hard drive crashes, it is essential to restore local files before I can hope to get the network account working. How can I fix this problem?
  11. I have managed to delete it. There was a backup running, and although it was backing up the new computer (the old one was actually switched off) Retrospect possibly thought the old one was busy (though was not labelled as such in the source list). Thanks for your help.
  12. I have upgraded my computer and copied everything across using migration assistant. Retrospect (v 8 for Mac) apparently detects the difference between the new and old computers and seems to regard the old one as a network client. I no longer wish to back up that computer, but Retrospect will not allow me to delete it as a source.
  13. I would like to "back up" this request. The simplest and cheapest way to make off-site backups is by burning DVDs. DVDs are more compact and 100 times cheaper than even the cheapest portable hard drives, and they probably are more reliable too if stored correctly. Certainly I have retrieved important data from DVDs that have been lying around for years. I do not understand why the Retrospect engine needs to reserve the optical drive at all times.
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