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  1. No, as I said, this solved our issue – ACL permission changes no longer affect the incremental backups.
  2. Thanks - this has solved our issue with permission changes and backups - but what exactly does this setting exclude from backups?
  3. OK, thanks will test a permissions change with the "Use attribute modification date when matching." un-checked tomorrow.
  4. With the new Block Level Incremental Backups in v.11 will changing permissions on a file still cause a full backup of that file? ie. we have shares on our server, and changing permissions / access controls on a share (and propagating permissions) causes a full backup of all files (5TB). At the moment we only adjust share points when we know we're ready to do a complete tape recycle backup set. Christiaan
  5. It's been a while now - any idea when the update is going to be available to fix this issue?
  6. No, I haven't, but the other 25 clients don't have the same issue backing up the exact same scenario, so I doubt compression would be an issue (it's also running on a top spec xServe / SSD / 12GB so I doubt speed would be an issue).
  7. Yes, it's a favourite. We have 2 favourites set per client Mac - Documents folder and Library Folder. Each favourite is tagged as "BU-clients" which is used as the source for the backup script. All other clients are fine (mix of 10.8 and 10.6) but for whatever reason, 2 MacBook Airs we have are taking anywhere from 1 hour to 2.6 hours - below was today's log. Generally all that's being backed up day-to-day are emails from the Library folder. Completed: 430 files, 126.1 MB, with 24% compression Performance: 194 MB/minute Duration: 01:25:25 (01:24:46 idle/loading/preparing)
  8. I've had a support request going for a couple of months now with the same issue - 2 x MacBook Airs (latest 13 inch models), and the building snapshot process taking hours to complete (even if it only backs up a few files). The new version just released hasn't made any difference - in fact, it's actually taking longer to build the snapshots - around 2.5 hours. And this is only backing up a Users Library folder (excluding Cache folder) - not the whole system. Still waiting to hear back from Support after submitting numerous log files.
  9. Was Retro 6 running under 10.6 Server? If that's the case, that's great news for us as I didn't think it would work?
  10. We're running OS X Server 10.5.8 on the Server (Intel) and latest clients 6.3.027 (all Intel Mac Pro's, MacBooks, Mini's) via gigabit cat 6 network and see the slow speeds. It was the same with the previous version of the client as well. Still sticking with 6.1 for client backups, but not sure what we'll do next month when we upgrade to 10.6.x... Christiaan edit: just realised there was client v 6.3.028 - I've been using .027 from the last Retrospect "engine" update. Will see if .028 is any different. edit: Doesn't seem to be a remote update option for .028 - only a direct local install option?
  11. No, we're running 10.5.8 here and get the slow speeds for clients.
  12. Thanks, I've just tried this, but it made no difference to speed - but as I said, these are the latest xServe / Mac Pro clients. May help on slower ones...? Any idea when this is likely to be fixed? Last lot of dialogue was hinting around October last year for an update to the speed issues...? http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/31016/ Christiaan
  13. No matter what the hardware, Retrospect 8 is painfully slow for networked clients. We have top of the range latest xServe with gigabit network, 12GB RAM, LTO-4 tape and latest Mac Pro clients all running latest software. Backup speeds are about a tenth of Retrospect 6 - so much so R8 is useless for client backups for us, so we're continuing using R6 for this. We're about to upgrade our xServe to 10.6 server, so currently looking at other backup solutions as R8 won't cut it for us anymore with the slow client backups. Christiaan
  14. OK, thanks - for simplicity's sake, we may stick with the 1TB drives (a 2008/9 archive and a 2010/11 archive or similar). In the future, (when it's supported) we may look at transferring across to v8 on our xServe with larger drives, but by then there may be other options as well... we've also got about 2.5TB of various DAT tapes and DVD's that would be great to consolidate at some point. Thanks again for all your input. Christiaan
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