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  1. Thanks a lot to everybody. It seems that most of my desires can be realized. - A lot of options have, compared to Retrospect 6, moved to a place where I didn´t expect them (Choose the right file at the end of search, not by a filter at the beginning) or - have been removed at all (Restore all older versions with a single workstep, which I will miss a lot!) I really wish they had „just“ debugged Retrospect 6 instead. So many bugs, so much broken interface design, and soooo sloooow… However. Thanks a lot to everyone. Bye, Jörg
  2. Sorry - I don´t get it. Problem 1: I click „Restore“. I click on „Search for files“ and cannot select a specific date. Cancel. Problem 2: Lets imagine for one moment I don´t need to search the file. It has not moved over the time, my coworker knows exactly where to find it. So I click on „Restore selected files an folders“. I see Backups from the last 2 days. This backup runs for many month. So I click on „More Backups“, wait a LONG time and can see backups back to August 2010. Good. I know my file was destroyed January 27 2011. But: I don´t know when the previous undestroyed version was backuped. Does that mean I choose January 26 and that backup contains everything that was done /before/ that day, i.e. my file from November 13th 2010? Problem 3: Does that mean when I want to retrieve the latest 10 versions of that file (since we don´t know which version was the first one with the problem) I have to start the restore process 10 times? I use removable HDs. Will this be a problem also? Thanks for your patience, Jörg
  3. Hi, I use Retrospect 8.2 for Macintosh and cannot find an option I often used on 6.x Imaginge that: - A coworker overwrites an important file on friday evening. Our backup runs 3 times over the weekend - On monday morning he asks me to restore the „previous“ version. When I use the Retrospect Restore Wizard I can only find the latest (=broken) version of the file. Reading the manual I understood that I can adress a specific backup and restore the file from that backup. My problem is: I know the file was broken on friday. I don´t know when the correct version was backuped — where/how can I find older version? Possibly multiple older versions since possibly just a part of that file was changed 15 backups ago? In Retrospect 6 I had a checkbox like „show all versions“, and I clearly saw: This file was changed 15 times this year, and, even better, restored ALL of them (Retrospect added a number as a suffix) and leave the problem to the coworker: „Here are 15 files, choose the best one, merge it with the actual version and put the result on the server“. Reading the manual I have the impression this files were accessible, however, I don´t understand how to do it. Thanks, Jörg
  4. Unfortunately these guys dare to ask for $110 for a localized version and (here it goes even more crazy) $80 for an update. One more case of „Hey, it´s for Mac users, let´s put another 0 behind the price“. I had very good results by compiling rsync 3 on a Mac with all features enabled (ACL, Extended Attributes,…), rsync has no additional dependency and is built in 5 minutes. It works like a charm, even with „difficult“ data like old PostScript fonts in Suitcases and RessourceForks. There is scheduling builtin in every unix system (cron, launchd,…). And last but not least we have network transparency with rsync, since from my point of view a backup attached to the backuped machine is useless. rm -rf / kills both. Bye, Jörg
  5. Forgot to mention: There is a error message in the terminal if Retrospect is run that way: 2010-09-29 17:06:32.953 Retrospect[20769:903] Warning - unable to find template matching predicate "File.date.within.specific.modified" IN[c] "1970-01-01 01:00:00 +0100 ±7" Well described, friend. But you should. Really.
  6. Hello, I installed Retrospect 8.2 and selectors dealing with Date/Time or completely broken. Background: I am a german User. The software starts with a german user interface. OK. I wanted to run a script that backups recently changed files every hour. We recycle that backup every monday. So i set up a selector: File Date modified is within 7 days of today (in german words) After closing and reopening the dialog window total nonsense happens to the rule. „Today“ is replaced by â€1.1.1970“, by closing the window again the complete rule is removed and gone. I wanted to write a bugreport and used a tool to start Retrospect in english to use the right words. To my own surprise I found the bug disappeared! The rule remains unchanged and contains no crappy date/times after multiple edits! I immediately restarted Retrospect in german. - The rule is there, and it is correct - I close the window - I reopen the rule window - The rule is gone! Long terms said short: Localizing breaks the rule. Warning: The rule is broken by just looking at it, so think twice if you want to use my hint, since starting retropect in german breaks your rules „forever“! My hint: Start Retrospect from the Terminal with that command: /Applications/Roxio\ Retrospect\ 8/Retrospect.app/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect -AppleLanguages English It opens up in english and the rule window works as expected. I am still in a process of thinking and investigating if I can accept the risk of brreaking my active rules, so I have NOT tested if the date based rules actually work. However, they look good the first time. Bye, Jörg
  7. Did you get a reply or even a result? This problem forces me to run a separate machine for a retrospect 6.1 server that, funny enough, works in a unsupported environment… Bye, Jörg
  8. Hi, in Retrospect 6 I had the option to create a filter: Backup everything where modification date is newer than today -7 days I backuped that data to a file which was recycled on monday morning. This was a quick „second backup“ every two hours additionally to our slow-but-secure tape backup. With Retrospect 8 I have two problems: 1. The filter options have changed. I cannot find one that means „file has been modified in the last 7 days“. The german translation is a mess. I suspect „innerhalb“ would be the correct setting here (which would describe a date in the future!), however, it cant be tested since the rule disappears completely - see below. 2. The filter dialog seems to be totaly broken, at least in the german version. For example: „File - modificationDate - is - before - today“ Close the dialog. Reopen it. It says: „File - modificationDate - is - before - specific date - 1.1.1970“ or „File - modificationDate - is - in between - 7 - days - from - today“ Close the dialog. Reopen it: The filter is completely empty! The line has vanished. Bye, Jörg
  9. I also had problems to make a script recognize new media sets. For example: My server has been succesfully backuped to Disdk1:Serverbackup , Disk2:Serverbackup,… …trying to add a third disk drive leads to bunch of silly errors: Problem a): I add that folder on a fresh formated disk to the mediaset, but Retrospect silently just continues to ask for a new media. Problem : I can see 2 folders in the mediaset. Adding the third one just tells me „folder already in the set!“ (this _may_ be a workaround: Give each folder a unique name. So, if you have „server“ on Disk1, then call the folder „server2“ on Disk2, not again „server“. I work around that problem by: - Cancelling the script - manually starting it and require new media immediately. - Selecting Disk3:server3 as new media. Works. Kind of. Since there seems no way to start proactive scripts from the console, I use a manually backup there to introduce the new media. (Note: I re-translated all words from my german version. they may called different in the english version)
  10. Hello, I came here since I have the same problem as the OP. We have an external person that does DVD backups for us. With our old 6.x Retrospect I always copied the folder to backup to a mobile harddisk in the middle of the week. At the end of the week I did it once again, and just the changes were written. That saved a lot of time. Today I did the same with our brandnew 8.2/Mac. The complete external drive got cleared and everything was copied from the beginning. When I look at the script, the options overview says „Overwrite existing identical files“ (my translation from german version), however, I can not find a place where to change that - and the manual explains this option only for a restore, not for copying. So, how can one make 8.2 to behave like 6.4? Thanks, Jörg
  11. Hello everybody, possibly I have solved it. Wow. Years of pain an tears possibly lead to a solution… ;-) I kind of misunderstood the ATTO admin tool. There one can limit the speed of the SCSI connection. However, this setting doesn´t apply to the complete SCSI adapter but is done per device. So I always limited speed for device 1, but the tape is device 3… The connection is normally made with speed „320 DT“. The Tape is there, it works, but then, on verifying, it will start to sleep. Somewhere. I went down to speed „40“, and it worked. I dared to increase to „80“, and still works. It is working slowly, rewinding a lot and it took me some days to even need Tape 3, but it works. Since my tape drive is labeled „Tandberg“, but according to some web postings is a Quantum drive internally I´d suggest to try *very* conservative settings in the ATTO admin tool. I have changed some parameters and have no access to the machine atm, but maybe it helps. Bye, Jörg
  12. I am not sure if I understood the questin correctly (I am not native english) Two of the cards did work with a raid system for years later with a bunch of PPC-Mac-Servers (Always dedicated, not at the same time for raid and tape. I never use the servers itself for the backup software). The third card was bought some days ago especially for the tape drive. No, I didn´t. Support Departments haver never been helpful to me („Is it plugged in?“ „We do not support mac OS.“), good to hear it´s different with ATTO, so this will be an option. Rule 1: If SCSI doesn´t work it´s the cable. ;-) Yes, in the meantime I have an expensive pile of cables in the IT room. Bye, Jörg
  13. So is there _anything_ about the configuration today that is the same as it was 5 years ago? Is it still the same tape drive? Everything has changed down to every single screw. All rightie then... I don´t wanted to sound offensive. It´s just pretty useless. I could report any Version number of Retrospect, Drivers, Firmware, OS Number… since OS X exists here (10.3.x). It´s not like “…I have a problem since I upgraded from X to Y…“ Bye, Jörg
  14. I have the same Problem for many years. A long time ago we bought a Tandberg SDLT320 and an ATTO UL3S. We ran Retrospect on an OS X 10.3.x and whatever we did didn´t help. It backuped fine, then, when verify startet, at some point the tape started to rewind and wind forward for some minutes. After that nothing happend. The machine works well, but retropect did not do anything anymore. Logs suggested some kind of SCSI-disconnecting or losing connecting or whatever. Forgive me not being near the machine. After a lot of trying this and that we inserted an ancient time Adaptec290something in the machine, used a sick bunch of adapters to connect the Ultra-Something-Fast Tape drive to that very old SCSI card - but it worked. When I come to work, the backup is done, and I do not care if it has taken 30 minutes or 8 hours. It´s just ready in the morning. Years have past. In the meantime we tried again with an ATTO UL4S and an ATTO UL4D. We tried different cables. We tried ATTO-Drivers and „Plain Apple“ and a billion versions of Retrospect. We tried nearly a dozen machines. We upgraded the tape firmware. We tried Mac OS X 1.3.x, 10.4.x and 10.5.x. We upgraded the ATTO firmware to every single version ever existed. My hardware dealer, a very reliable company, tells me he has THAT configuration running on dozens of customers. We returned the drive. I changed speed of the ATTO card from maximum to minimum. Nothing helped except the good old Adaptec card. Now, after some years, some days ago the good old silver G4 broke and I tried to end that terrible state. I had a remaining G5 1,8GHz SingleCore, which I cannot put the Adaptec Card into. To old. I installed 10.5.6 with all updates, brandnew. I installed the final Retrospect 6.x.something. I got the latest ATTO drivers and Firmware. I set up a backup without taking ANY single file from the old machine, no configs, nothing. In the meantime every single configuration of our infrastructure has changed, we have different servers, switches, OSses,… I will not report any version numbers here. We had them all. …guess what? Retrospect shows up the same problem I had 5(?) years ago and that´s exactly the same as yours. And now it´s mine again.
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