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  1. Thank you Robin, We'll try that option. For SQL we are doing both Full and Log backups. What would you suggest - do we have to recreate or transfer again the backups that we had those error messages for? We just need to ensure that in case something bad happens, we can restore the databases. Regards, Sergei
  2. Dear all, Can anyone please help with identifying the root of the problem with transferring SQL database backup sets... At first, SQL databases are being backed up to a disk drive without any errors, then the backup sets get transferred to a tape library. At some point we started to notice the following messages for some SQL databases: "Can't transfer intermediate databases for [databasename], [timestamp], database backup history unavailable" It doesn't look like the media is corrupted. What could this message mean exactly and is there any way to troubleshoot it otherwise than recreating all the sets from scratch? Thanks in advance, Sergei
  3. Greetings, I'm curious if a Multi Server licence allows having a second Retrospect installation (with the same licence code) on a different server? The reason for this question is that due to some network issues we would prefer some backups running from a different network location, rather than from the main backup server. Thanks in advance for your response, Sergei
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