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  1. RAM...That's an interesting thought. I only have 2 gigs. I've paired this machine down so as to be only for backups. We've tried the same config on another machine with more RAM, so I think that may not be it. I actually bit the bullet this morning and downgraded to Tiger (too much wasted time.) The machine is performing a catalog rebuild from a tape now (also was problematic) and then I'll try a verification. If it proves stable then I will have to deduce that Retrospect 6.1 with a quantum LTO3 and a G5 is not stable on Leopard and wait for the new version to come out of Beta. Thanks again for your time and help. Dave
  2. OK, To answer these questions: Retrospect v. 6.1.230 Driver update v.6.1 ATTO driver version: 4.3.1 ATTO firmware flash: February 18, 2008 There is nothing else running on the SCSI host adapter. The adapter is properly terminated and I have tried replacing the cable. We have also spent time on the phone with tech support from ATTO making sure our HBA drivers and firmware were correct. Additionaly, we sent our Quantum drive back to the manufacturer believing it could be faulty. They sent us a bran new one and we are observing the same problems. I downgraded to 10.5.1 because the system was extremely unstable and I couldn't even get a single tape to backup. Now it seems to be at getting through tapes. I believe it has something to do with the earlier OS. I think my next step would be to downgrade to Tiger, as I believe we had a working system before we went to Leopard. The system has nothing else on it so I guess it wouldn't hurt anything. I am starting to call our backup machine "nemesis." :eyes: I've tried going through the forums and everything that seemed like it might help has not yet worked. Any thoughts? Dave
  3. Hi, I'm running Retrospect as a local utility for writing Video project archives to LTO3 tapes. My system is a powermac G5 with OSX 10.5.1. The LTO drive is a Quantum half height attached by SCSI 320 to an ATTO UL4s Host adapter. All of my firmware and drivers are up to date. So... My manual backups tend to work. They were stopping in the middle until I started shutting down the computer and tape drive between sessions. This is a PITA but seems to function. However, I am having difficulties verifying my tapes. It seems that Retrospect hangs up in the middle of a verify and becomes unresponsive. I have taken to restoring the portions after it hangs to make sure they are readable. This happens even after I completely restart the system and tape drive between backup and verify. Last night, leaving a backup overnight I came back to find execution errors with the code 205. I have also seen code 102 at times. It seems as though my SCSI buss is losing contact with Retrospect, although when this happens I can still see the tape drive in my system profile. Lastly, I believe these problems began when we upgraded to Leopard. Is retrospect just not compatible with OSX 10.5? I've already downgraded to 10.5.1 from 10.5.5, Id really rather not go back to Tiger. Any thoughts on making this system stable? Thanks in advance for your time. David
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