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  1. I hope someone here can help as the reaction from Retrospect support is very slow. Sometimes I am assuming that there is no support team at all. One of our storage sets is locked and cannot be unlocked. See here, what happens: http://bilder.dikom....pectProblem.mov The media set also cannot be used by any script. Thank you Prodrive
  2. How did you do this? Did you just install over the previous installation' date=' or did you use the installer program to uninstall first? If you didn't first uninstall, you should try that.[/quote'] We used the uninstall feature from the installer. It shows that Retrospect client is on. Nothing else. Regards Prodrive
  3. We are using 6.1.230 on a Mac Mini (10.4.11 1,66 GHz Intel Core Duo) to Backup our network. With one client (Version 6.2.234 – Mac Mini OS X 10.5.7, 1,66 GHz Intel Core Duo) we have got the problem that it is visible in the network but when backup starts it shows always Error 541. We have re-installed the client. This made everything run properly for two weeks but now the error is back. Has anyone an idea what we can do? Regards Prodrive
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