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  1. I've got a backup set on LTO4. When I check the stats on the members the last one used shows a size of 2162 GB which is impossible for LTO4. The next member is new and empty which makes no sense. I considered recreating the catalog file, but I am concerned that might screw things up more. Any suggestions? Retrospect for Windows
  2. I have noticed on several occasions that Retrospect requests an LTO4 tape by the correct member name, but not by the correct bar code number. I have a Quantum Superloader 3. Fortunately, I label the tape cases with the member name as well. What is causing this? When the correct tape is put in the drive the archive begins. I have not tried inserting the wrong tape for fear of a disaster. I assume that the system double checks the barcode and detects the error. How do I know it will always do so?
  3. So I left the Retrospect Client app closed for days and the system worked as expected. Then I left the Retrospect Client app running - that did the trick. After a day I came back and the "retroclient" process was using 100% of a cpu and the Retrospect Client app was not responding. Force quit both and then relaunched the app to start the process again. Then quit the app. So far so good. So it seems the application shouldn't be left open while the "retroclient" process is running.
  4. Reinstalled client and it worked fine Thursday and Friday. Did an archive of over 1 TB without exception. Today (Monday) I checked the server Activity Monitor and sure enough, "Retrospect Client" was not responding and "retroclient" was using 100% of 1 CPU. Had to force quit both processes. I'm going to try something. The "Retrospect Client" app was open over the weekend. I will leave "retroclient" process running but leave the app closed. We'll see if this makes a difference.
  5. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Same behavior. I'll try it again and see what happens.
  6. I hate to say "glad to hear it", but it is good that at least one other person is seeing this issue. Now if we could only get someone to notice our posts and offer a solution. Dantz? Emc? Insignia? Bueller?
  7. We have a Retrospect 7.6 system running on Windows 2003 with LTO 4 backup tape. Most of our computers are Macs with a few Windows system. Generally have had few problems on the PCs and regular Macs, but the Retrospect Client seems to have trouble with our XServes running Leopard. Several times now I have begun large archives only to have them fail because the client stops working. Checking the client on the Xserve I find that it has stopped working, but is using 100% of one CPU. Force quitting from the Activity Monitor is the only way to kill it. The server uses a link aggregated Ethernet connection. We use the current client 6.2.234 - anyone else seen this issue?
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