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  1. Oh, thank you so much for your fast replay! Your second suggestion worked! So, i didn't even have to remake my rules except those regarding this client. Thanks again! Hanspeter
  2. Hello! I use retrospect 8.1 (626) with one desktop server and two MacBook clients (newest client version). One client (running OS X 10.6.3) makes trouble being permanently "busy" for about 2 months. Now, I tried to get rid of this client in order to be able to establish a new connection to it. But that does not work either: Because it's busy, I cannot delete it. Could anybody tell me what to do? Where are the client informations saved? What file could I modify to get rid of my "Sisyphus client"? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Hi Dave, thanks a lot for your help! The cable seems to have been "guilty", Retrospect works again with a new cable connected directly to the Mac's FW port. Thanks again and kind regards Hanspeter
  4. - There are two sources: my internal hard disk and a client (another mac) in my LAN. - Yes, I have: I've tried a backup "vice versa", i.e. I manually backed up a file on the FW drive to my internal hard drive - and it worked fine. OK, I disconnected my FW-Drive, while Retrospect showed the rotating ball, and it came back to life with an I/O-Error No. -36. It must have to do something with my FW-drive - but when I check the drive with the hard disk utility, it doesn't report any problem. As a next step, I will rebuild the catalog file. Perhaps this could help. I'll report my experience... Thanks very much for your advices! Hanspeter Hanspeter
  5. My backup set is a file on a FireWire hard drive, connected locally to the Mac running Retrospect. Before, I used version 10.5.5 (I believe at least). I'm sure that Retrospect worked fine after the upgrade to Leopard (10.5.4). BTW: After having done the update to Version 6.1 230, I had to rebuild my scripts and re-enter my registration key - so I think the preferences file was deleted. In the mean time I tried to run Retrospect after logging in as root user - but this didn't work either.
  6. I've been using Retrospect for many years. Now, after having updated my Mac OS to version 10.5.6, Retrospect isn't able any more to backup my files: It scans the hard disk, it updates the privileges, but before copying any files to the backup set, it hangs. It's not even possible to force quit the program. Does anybody have any hint? Thanks in advance! - Hanspeter My configuration: Mac OS 10.5.6, Retrospect Desktop 6.1 230
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