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  1. Hi, Due to the missing manual for Retrospect 8.1 I did not figure out yet how to do a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup. What I'd like to do is backing up clients to the server HD and further on to tape (library) for offsite storage. Could you explain me how one should do that in Retrospect 8.1 (latest build). Thanks Lukas BTW: we spent a couple of thousand euros and do not even get a proper manual!!!
  2. I'm new to tape libraries and wonder how I have to setup Retrospect 6.1 so that it does the following: I have a couple of macines which are currently daily backuped onto an Xserve Raid1 giving backupsets for every working day: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri. So, I want to copy this backupsets everyday further to a tape. For each day one tape should be used (I have a 8-tape library installed). How do I now just simply copy the e.g. Monday backupset to the Monday tape? Thanks
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