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  1. These were fresh installs. Matching Retro app version. No firewalls enabled. This is an all-gigabit network with no management at all. So nothing blocking Retro port.
  2. I just caught one of our systems with the Retro client turning itself off, as per the topic in this forum. That doesn't appear to be the case on all of them. It's definitely a multicast issue too.
  3. I've just installed Retrospect Client 6.2.229 on a serious of 10.5.4-based Intel Macs. There seems to be odd behaviour with the ability to multicast to the Server. I have not had this kind of problem before. My Retro Network browser cannot find my clients... which are all online with the Retro client showing a status of "ready". I can't get the subnet broadcast to work either. Addresses are 10.123.88.x/ The clients were showing immediately after install and before the restart. Since then they do not automatically show up. I have to add my address and this will become a problem when their DHCP lease runs out and they may change IP. I've already lost over 10 clients already to changing IPs. Help! Thanks.
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