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  1. I upgraded from 7.6 to 7.7, and confirmed that it now does log in automatically even when there is no user logged in to the server.
  2. I am investigating why a couple of scheduled backups didn't run. Perhaps there was no user logged into any console or remote desktop session. Is it required that a user be logged in for Retrospect to execute scheduled tasks? OS: Windows Server 2008 R2.
  3. I am backing up files from drives other than the OS volume. And in this case, the OS has been upgraded from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 and Retrospect upgraded from 7.6. to 7.7. It's possible that the drive letters have also changed this time. However previously where I have rebuilt a catalog due to catalog corruption, I have also seen failed matching after the catalog rebuild where it wanted to copy each file to the backup set again. Based on the description of the matching options, I would expect it to match files even in my present circumstances.
  4. Situation persists in version 7.7 using SQL Server 2008. When doing a recycle backup with "Log" setting, it will erase the backup set and perform only the log backup, creating a backup set which cannot be restored from because it contains only a log backup an no full backup. I get around this bug by creating 2 scripts, one that is configured for a Full backup, and one that is configured for Log. Whenever I recycle, I use the Full backup script. Then I use the Log backup script for all "Normal" backups.
  5. After having lost my operating system drive, which wasn't backed up, I re-installed the OS and retrospect (7.7 multi-server) and performed a catalog rebuild on both tape and disk backup sets. My backup scripts have the options "match source volume to catalog file" selected and "Match only files in same location" not selected. However, when performing a new "normal" backup to the same backup set, matching doesn't seem to produce any matches. All files are backed up again. I have seen the same thing when I have attempted a similar catalog rebuild in prior versions. Anything I can do to make it match better after catalog rebuild?
  6. Using Multi-server 7.6.123 and client 7.6.106 on a 32 bit Vista client, I am allowed to create a subvolume on my client for c:\Documents and Settings, but cannot create a subvolume inside of that. The directory list is blank. I have modified the default permissions which originally denied browsing the Documents and Settings director, but subfolder still don't show up in Retrospect. Any advice?
  7. I am currently getting the following error while doing a full backup on the Storage Group of Exchange 2007. System worked well in full or incremental until 5 days ago. Any ideas? T-9: >>>HrESEBackupReadFile -- T-9: Error returned from an ESE function call (0). T-9: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,018 T-9: TWDBExchangeServer2000Base::StopDatabaseBackup: HrESEBackupCloseFile failed., winerr -1018, error -1004
  8. An update: I find that the SQL Server Agent is not started in SQL Server Management Studio. If I try to start it, I get the events errors: Could not load the DLL xpstar90.dll, or one of the DLLs it references. Reason: 193(xpstar90.dll is not a valid Win32 application.). and Failed to retrieve SQLPath for syssubsystems population. and SQLServerAgent could not be started (reason: Failed to load any subsystems. Check errorlog for details.). I looked on another SQL Server machine and found the XPStart90.dll file. It was not on my machine that has trouble. I copied it to this machine, and I get the above errors. (Prior, I got a file not found error instead of the Not a Valid Application error.) I have searched for missing XPStart90.dll errors and found other instances of it, but no solutions. Any ideas?
  9. I am running Multi Server Version 7.6.123 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition, SP2. I get an error on all of my files sytem backups: "MapError: unknows Windows error -2,147,203,754" Also, it started not doing incremental backups properly. It was copying everything. I fixed the increamental backup by re-catalogging my backup sets. MapError persists. About the same time this started happening, my SQL database backups stopped working. My SQL Server volume is gray in the volumes list. If I try to modify the login info, it tells me "sorry, authencication failed. Please Retry." But I am using the same Windows domain login that I have allways used, and I can log in just fine with those credencials using MS SQL Server Management Studio. DB Backups report error -1221 (Can't access database) Any ideas? Might these issues be related?
  10. I created a Log backup to a Disk backup set of a SQL Server 2005 database with the SQL Server Client in Rerospect Multiserver 7.6.111 Hotfix I have 2 scheduled Backup Set Transfers that each copy my disk backup set to different tape backup sets on alternating weeks. I am using the Copy Snapshots and Media Verification options only. The result is that when I select Restore Database I have up to 3 different sources for each snapshot to choose from. If I select my latest snapshot which is only on the Disk backup set and select Properties, it indicates that only the Disk backup set is required to restore from scratch. However, when I select this snapshot and return to the Restore wizard, I see that it plans on using the Disk backup set only for the newest logs and then wants one of my Tape sets for everything else down to the Full backup. When I complete the wizard and restore the DB, it immediately asks for the Tape set. I would prefer to perform this type of restore using only the Disk set, which is completely intact down to the original Full backup. What should I do?
  11. I pointed my SMTP server to a server run by my ISP that only uses IP filtering for authentication. I gave up on using my Exchange 2007 SMTP server with Retrospect. I switched several other applications to use the external SMTP server as well.
  12. Since I upgraded to Retrospect 7.6.111 (multiserver) when I do a Recycle backup of a job which is configured for Log backup mode (either Exchange or SQL Server 2005) I get inconsistent results. In previous 6.5 to 7.5 versions I have used, when I did a recycle of a backup set that was in log mode, it automatically did a full backup and then all subsequent backups worked properly in incremental. In the latest version if I do a recycle in Log mode, sometimes it will not backup the entire database and sometimes subsequent backups will continue to do full backups. I have solved my problem by duplicating my script and configuring the duplicate to Full backup mode. Now, I recycle with the Full script and then run the normal backups in Normal mode. It works, but is less convenient because I have more scripts to manage. Has anybody else encountered this behavior?
  13. Thanks. I will add the directory exclusion for c:\System Volume Information to my other standard exclusions: *.ost (because outlook cache files can be recreated from the exchange server) and c:\$Recycle.Bin.
  14. After performing a Verify Media, I saw the following error in my log: Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\MetaInfo\writer0000\comp0000\file0000" does not match stored MD5 digest. What is the meaning of this error and how concerning is it? Does it apply to just the single file, or does it signify something about the entire backup set?
  15. I find that the vast majority of data backed up on some of my vista clients is system restore points that the operating system creates frequently. These are files stored in a directory called System Volume Information and which have no extension. Is there an easy way to backup the entire volume without including these files? (I am using Retrospect 7.5 Multiserver)
  16. I performed the procedure as you described. I think these are the important lines: smtpSend: "AUTH LOGIN" smtpWait: "504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type" smtpReset: AUTH LOGIN expected 334, response 504 smtpSend: "QUIT" What is the authentication type that Retrospect is expecting to use?
  17. Selecting authentication did not solve the problem. My exact error message is: E-mail notification failed: error -592 (invalid response from SMTP server) Is there any further diagnostics to be found about the invalid response is?
  18. Our new Exchange 2008 server installation has it's SMTP port 587. Retrospect trys to send through port 25. Can I configure the port that Retrospect will for the SMTP server on?
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