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  1. Nothing is found. I believe the issue is one of program compatibility. thanks
  2. that is what I thought, but was looking for a long shot. No gained nothing lost by asking. Oh well. Thanks.
  3. I was using Iomega backup Pro and have several back ups on my external drive. I no longer have the backup pro cd and thus I changed to Retro 7.5, and I am trying to do a restore onto a different computer. I have a USB External hard drive, and am running Retrospect Express 7.5. I have installed Retrospect onto the new computer. When I attempt to recreate the catalog using Tools: Repair Catalog: Recreate from Disks: All Disks: Then I click down to F: and select Ok. NOTHING shows up. I have files on the external drive. What to do? Many thanks! outoftown
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