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    We are DOWN...need help!

    Ok, posting here in case it helps someone else. The problem was our hostname was too long (it was agentstudio.battlecreektechnologies.com) It had NOTHING to do with the wrong password, even though that was the error thrown. I changed the hostname to just agentstudio (in /etc/sysconfig/network) and rebooted and tried it again. Worked like a charm.
  2. qperkins

    We are DOWN...need help!

    CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise are more or less the same thing. CentOS is the 'free' and opensource version of their commercial enterprise software. I don't think that is the problem. This is the same software we had running for a while with the Retrospect client. I've changed up the password. It is all alphanumeric with no weird characters or spaces.
  3. qperkins

    We are DOWN...need help!

    We back up to a Mac OS X Server box (10.4.11). We are running Retrospect 6.1.138. We had a CentOS Linux server that died. I am trying to restore. I installed a copy of CentOS 4.5 from the same CD we used originally. I turned off the firewall. It has the same IP as before. I have installed all three Red Had clients (6.5, 7, 7.5) over and over with the exact same results. When I try to add the client to the Mac, it gives me a 507, password incorrect error. Now I have reinstalled at least 6 times and I know damn good and well that I am using the right password. This is the same Mac and the same network configuration we were using before. Any thoughts? I put in the IP, it asks for the password, asks to confirm the name (which is truncated because the hosts name is agentstudio.battlecreektechnologies.com and is apparently too long), after I confirm the name, it says the password is incorrect. I'm fairly sure this was the name of the box before, and is truly the host name of the machine. Another thing to note (although this is how it has been for a year), the backup server is on the internal network (192.168.x) and the server in question is on a public IP. Again, this is exactly how it was at the end of last week when it died. I have 60 users without mail, calendars and websites who are ready to hang me. Timely help would be very much appreciated... - Quinn Perkins, Colorado