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  1. Try changing the log on settings for the Retrospect Launcher app in the Services control panel. I changed mine from "Local Account" to "Use This Account" and things started working better. One problem I had before this was that I couldn't check the status of a remote backup set, despite entering my credentials correctly in the popup box.
  2. Ok, the backup set was "locked." When I entered the password, the backup appeared immediately. We'll see how it goes. I hope Retro is smart enough not to try to run a backup from to the same backup set I'm restoring from.
  3. All, I'm trying to restore from a backup before I decide whether to pay for the Retro 8 upgrade. Selecting the Restore icon pops up a window that asks me to choose between entire vol, selected files, search files. None seems to work. If I choose selected vol, the next screen, where I select the backup, is blank and shows no signs of populating. No beach ball, no cpu activity, no disk activity. Same for "selected files." Search lets me choose the media set, asks where I want to restore to, but then shows me the same blank list of backups as when restoring an entire vol. The "More backups..." button doesn't do anything at all. I've done 10-20 backups to separate sets and one of the media is mounted. This is with the engine and UI app on the same 10.6 Mac. Does this work at all? thanks
  4. 24" iMac, 2.16GHz C2D, 3GB, 10.6.2. I typically have a gig or so free, so paging isn't an issue. As I mentioned, I didn't have this problem with Retro 6. The only thing that changed is that I installed 10.6 and decided to try Retro 8. thanks
  5. All, I recently installed the Retrospect 8 trial. I've muddled through the bugs and lack of documentation and have it backing up the way I want it. However, I've noticed that even when idle, it's poking my backup USB drive. Every 5 minutes, the drive starts to spin down, but I don't think it even completely spins down before I hear a slight click and up it spins up again. I killed the Retrospect engine and the drive soon spun down and stayed spun down. With Retro 6, this didn't happen. The drive was almost always asleep until the nightly backup ran. How can I fix this? With this behavior I think it's only a matter of time before it kills my backup drives. I'd rather not force the drive to stay awake all the time. thanks
  6. Hi all, I'm configuring 2 Windows clients and 1 Mac server to backup to an external HD attached to my Mac. I have a pair of these drives (2 backup sets) that I swap on Wednesday. Retrospect seems to want to switch backup sets on weekends, which doesn't work for me. It's a headache to configure it otherwise, but I worked it out. Should I duplicate that configuration for the 2 client machines as separate backup sets, or just include all 3 machines in one backup set? The Windows clients don't need to be backed up as often, but it won't hurt. I think I have plenty of disk space. thanks
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