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  1. Just to update the 'live restore' action, for the benefit of anyone else in a similar predicament: The 204 Win updates took ages and several failures/repeats to install - which is probably understandable. The re-downloading of Retrospect and installation was straight-forward, and the restore was incredibly quick - less than an hour for about 300Gb (having updated Win is definitely good as many of the files were recognised as unnecessary to repeat). It took a couple of re-boots to fire-up smoothly ... and then the only glitch: Windows decided that my reinstallation was not genuine and threatened all sorts of difficulties. I looked this up and apparently it is a common issue. I tried re-authorising/validating online and via the installation disk, but it kept 'pursuing' me ... then suddenly the warning message disappeared and has not re-appeared ... so far! If needs be, apparently it may be necessary to phone them up if it reappears. But apart from this, the Retrospect side went really well. Oh, and the SSD is like lightning by comparison - really good investment. Thanks for the help.
  2. Many thanks for the reassurance, Scillonian. The comment about updating Win first is also what I was advised to do last time, so that is good. I did initially try to use the DR route, but had a mental blockage as to where I could find the drivers for both my external storage drive and my mem stck for the cat files - as Retrospect didn't recognise either of them. It wasn't until I had started the 'live restore', that I came across them on the motherboard accessory disk, as they were both on the USB3 board of course! I currently await the installation of 204 Win updates and hope for a smooth restore. I will advise further i.d.c. Thanks again.
  3. My HDD is failing. I have purchased and installed a Samsung 850 EVO SSD to replace and tried to clone but this has failed due to the state of the HDD. The PC is still working - just. I am not sure if the Retrospect disaster disk I made long ago will still work and before I try it, I recall Robin Mayoff helpfully suggested a few years ago a simpler route via a "live restore" - installing windows to the new disk, then Retrospect, then restore entire volume. Will this work with a new SSD instead of HDD (same size), or what is your preferred suggestion, please? (I am presently contemplating a clean install to the new SSD, but would prefer not to if possible - unless I could then restore to it.) My OS is Windows 7 Pro (up to date), and Retrospect is rather old at 7.7. I have a good current backup up set on an external HDD and cat files are on a USB stick. Many thanks
  4. Marc - Thanks for the comment ... and yes, it was set to 'on' (I had never even thought about it - so that is really helpful, thanks!). I have corrected this anyway, but I am not entirely sure whether you are saying this may be causing the problems with my original query (of the failure to groom) or the later one of the crashing system. Your clarification will be much appreciated. I will then try another back-up with groom! Thanks - Robin
  5. Well since the test you suggested above is the only alteration/update I have made to the PC in 24 hours and since reversing it cures the Blue Screen issue, I calculate that it must be responsible for creating some sort of conflict. Anyway, I assume from the brevity of your response that you cannot contribute further to resolving this failure of Retrospect to groom my disk properly, so I guess I am left with the blunt option of deleting everything and starting from scratch. It certainly doesn't seem very satisfactory.
  6. Since the above action, I have had major problems with continual BSODs with IRQL messages. I have rolled back the PC by one day. This does not reverse all the Retrospect changes, so I feel now that the only thing I can do is to uninstall and re-install Retrospect, and clean out the back-up disk and start from scratch again. If you can see any easier way of resolving this, I will be pleased to hear.
  7. OK - I have now done that - renamed Retrospect as 'old'; re-registered the product on the PC, then completed a full catalogue rebuild from the disk, but it is still exactly the same - as soon as I try to do anything (back-up or groom separately) I get the same error notice and the program closes. I still have the correct 5 snapshots listed. but also the same 865 .rdb disk backup set files on the backup disk. Also the re-cataloguing covered 300,000 files in 180Gb - but my C drive only contains 60Gb in used space (don't know how many files). Incidentally the program sends a "assert_log.utx" error report to EMC.
  8. OK - thanks; it was the correct repair route to follow that I was seeking advice for. However, after 3 hours rebuilding from the disk, I have tried again to run back-up and to groom out the excess files, but the disk remains full and fails via the same error message: Assertion failure at "Mem.cpp-993". The problem still seems to be that the grooming only restricts the back-up snapshots and does not reduce the mounting files via the sessions. What should I try/do next to correct this problem please?
  9. I'm sorry but I don't understand how this reply in intended to help me. Can we please go back to my original query: Grooming is a normal part of the back-up set-up, is it not? So what are you telling me to do to repair this problem? Thank you.
  10. I have just encountered this problem - which causes Retrospect (v. 7.6.111 + fixes) to crash on back-up. I understand it is related to a failure to groom correctly. I am backing-up to a 200Gb external hard drive, which has been progressively filling up. It is now full and contains 865 files in the back-up set, although the grooming is set to keep (and only shows as present) the last five back-ups. I have tried rebuilding the catalogue - which solves nothing. Before I try to repair the file backup set or anything else, I would appreciate guidance, please. How can I i) resolve the present problem, and ii) prevent it from re-occurring ad lib? Thanks!
  11. I recognise what you are saying, and noted your previous thread reference to the Live Restore process - but as others have said, this all needs to be succinctly automated for simplicity, so that the perceived frustration does not arise in the first place! This, it seems, you are now in the process of putting into place, and I for one will much welcome it. I tried to compile the disk from both an original XP SP1 disk and an (admittedly) streamed SP2 disk. The former seemed to add up to no more than 656 Mb, so I don't know what the problem was - perhaps it was just too close for comfort. I await further news in early anticipation.
  12. This issue has been raised numerous times - but unless Retrospect does something about it quickly, it is only going to get a lot worse as software expands. I have tried every way, following Retrospect's advice per KB 5989 etc, to get the ISO file small enough for a CD burn. It is simply impossible without an inordinate amount of file analysing, moving out and then replacing afterwards - which I am not prepared to risk. It is simply ludicrous for Retrospect to promote itself as top-of-the-range backup and recovery software if the media cannot be created with consummate ease. It cannot be very difficult in relative terms to produce an urgent fix to enable DVD restoration support. Is Retrospect going to address this now please - because until it does, I (and I believe numerous others) will have to (continue to) utilise third party disaster recovery programmes, or workarounds - which, I repeat, is ludicrous!
  13. That would seem to be exactly what is needed - I am sure it will help many. For my part I was evidently a bit too early in trying to upgrade successfully. The only problem I have now is with the disaster recovery disc - but that demands a separate string.
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