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  1. Just to update the 'live restore' action, for the benefit of anyone else in a similar predicament: The 204 Win updates took ages and several failures/repeats to install - which is probably understandable. The re-downloading of Retrospect and installation was straight-forward, and the restore was incredibly quick - less than an hour for about 300Gb (having updated Win is definitely good as many of the files were recognised as unnecessary to repeat). It took a couple of re-boots to fire-up smoothly ... and then the only glitch: Windows decided that my reinstallation was not genuine and threatened all sorts of difficulties. I looked this up and apparently it is a common issue. I tried re-authorising/validating online and via the installation disk, but it kept 'pursuing' me ... then suddenly the warning message disappeared and has not re-appeared ... so far! If needs be, apparently it may be necessary to phone them up if it reappears. But apart from this, the Retrospect side went really well. Oh, and the SSD is like lightning by comparison - really good investment. Thanks for the help.
  2. Many thanks for the reassurance, Scillonian. The comment about updating Win first is also what I was advised to do last time, so that is good. I did initially try to use the DR route, but had a mental blockage as to where I could find the drivers for both my external storage drive and my mem stck for the cat files - as Retrospect didn't recognise either of them. It wasn't until I had started the 'live restore', that I came across them on the motherboard accessory disk, as they were both on the USB3 board of course! I currently await the installation of 204 Win updates and hope for a smooth restore. I will advise further i.d.c. Thanks again.
  3. My HDD is failing. I have purchased and installed a Samsung 850 EVO SSD to replace and tried to clone but this has failed due to the state of the HDD. The PC is still working - just. I am not sure if the Retrospect disaster disk I made long ago will still work and before I try it, I recall Robin Mayoff helpfully suggested a few years ago a simpler route via a "live restore" - installing windows to the new disk, then Retrospect, then restore entire volume. Will this work with a new SSD instead of HDD (same size), or what is your preferred suggestion, please? (I am presently contemplating a clean install to the new SSD, but would prefer not to if possible - unless I could then restore to it.) My OS is Windows 7 Pro (up to date), and Retrospect is rather old at 7.7. I have a good current backup up set on an external HDD and cat files are on a USB stick. Many thanks
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