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  1. I had already reported the "media validation fails" for tape in a previous post, so it is a real bug. Also, the Devices | Eject button becomes unfocusable. You mouse over to the media you want ejected and the Eject button becomes enabled, but when you mouse over to the Eject button it becomes disabled before you an click on it. Oz
  2. Installing Windows 7 and allowing it to control disk space allocation during installation creates a 100MB hidden System Recovery partition. If I do a full, recycle backup with Cache files included, I get this partition in addition to the C: drive. If I disable Cache files in the scrpt Options, since Retrospect documentation says they are unneeded for a complete system resore, will the Recovery partition, and everything it needs, be backed up? Disabling Cache Files seems the only way to stop Retrospect from backing up the Restore Point and/or VSS Shadow files which can cause a 3-GB backup even if no files have changed. Oz
  3. I am using Retrospect Prfessional 7.7. I had downloaded and burnt the emergenct cd .iso image at the same time I downloaded 7.7. I have applied the update to it so I am rinning Retrospect Professional 7.7.102. Will the Emergency Rescue CD downloaded for 7.7 be able to restore 7.7.102 backups? If not, how do I update the Emergency CD? Oz
  4. All, Changing the region eventually worked, although it did not help initially since there was no download page available. Thanks to all who replied. Now on to the 7.7 bugs! Oz
  5. RxLaw, Happened to me too. Oz
  6. From my point of view, your experience may be in the minority. I have upgraded many applications in the past, both out of the box, and online. The 7.6->7.7 upgrade path has been one of the most arduous, procedure laden, tortuous ones I have ever gone through. And what I end up with is a product that was late and still buggy. Not very professional in my book, although the unsung heroes in the support staff, including Robin Mayoff, have been great. Oz
  7. This is a new problem I have not seen before. One of my backup sets uses members on tape media, an HP DAT 72 drive. If I insert the tape, Retrospect's Device display shows the tape mounted and with the correct label. If I double click on the Schedule entry that will run the script that usus this member, I can click on the checkmark to validate the script, 7.7 says it is valid, but if I click on the button to check on media availability it says that the backup member is not available, even though it is mounted. When the script is run, 7.7 will use the tape media, even though it said it wasn't available. If I delete the memeber from the backup set and re-add it, doing the above check will say it is available, until you check it again, then it says the tape media is not available, even though the same tape was mounted the entire time. This concerns me. Oz
  8. John Reed, You should not have seen a billion files nor ones with embedded INF, just ones ending in INF. Did you type the DIR command exactly as I had it above? I think you might have missed the dot/period in between the asterisk and INF. D I R * . I N F / S (without the spaces) Oz
  9. I would find it unusual for you not to have any .inf files on your system. Rather than worry about having your Search criteria machinery configured correctly, open a command prompt by running cmd.exe and type in the following: CD C:\ DIR *.INF /S and see what kind of output you get. The CD C:\ command will change to the root of your C: drive. The DIR command will search for all files ending in INF. The /S swich on DIR causes DIR to search all subdirectories, so basically it will search your entire C: drive, so be prepared to wait a little while. Oz
  10. I live in Australia using Retrospect Professional 7.6 and using Windows 7. Naturally I want to upgrade to Retrospect Professional 7.7 but I have tried following just about all permutations of links and cannot find the page to download 7.7 and pay pay for it. Can someone please provide instructions on how to do this? Is the only customer telephone support number in U.K.? If so that would make phoning them difficult because of time zome differences. Please assist. Oz
  11. I use Retrospect Professional 7.5 for WIndows. I have applied previous updates to the product and now there is a new one, 508. Should I ever need to completely reinstall the product, is it sufficent to install the base 7.5 product from CD and then only the 508 patch or must I install all previous updates in sequence? The documentation for 508 does not state whether the update is cumulative, i.e., includes all previous updates or not. Oz
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