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  1. Thanks for that. But unfortunately that only restored my "sources". My scripts and media sets are nowhere to be found. Any more ideas?
  2. Hello, I just had to do a clean install of my system and although I have been able to get Retrospect up and running, all my scripts sources, past backups and media sets are absent. I tried recuperating the contents of the Retrospect Folder in > Library>Application Support > Retrospect but the app does not seem to recognize this data. How can I restore the app to the state it was in before I reinstalled the system. I have a valid Time Machine backup to recover data.
  3. That's what I thought. I can get a backup started but they always abort before terminating and the programme then refuses to recognize the catalog file on the off site disk. Then when I use "locate" to try and re-establish the catalog, the programme can "see" the catalog file but refuses to accept it. i.e. "OK" doesn't work.
  4. How do you set up a NAS configuration on disk space provided by an internet provider The manual says to install a Retrospect Client software, but the only options are Mac, Win or Linux when I want to set up a NAS on disk space of which I don't know what OS is being used and I imagine uses none of these.
  5. Hmm. No-one seems to be having the same problem. What's even weirder is that after the initial backup, Retrospect can no longer even locate the folder where the backup and catalog are. The folder becomes perfectly invisible for Retrospect even though I can easily access it via the Finder or Cyberduck with the ftp address.
  6. I am trying to get a backup system up and running on an off-site disk that is provided by my internet provider. I can access the destination disk either by WebDAV in the Finder or by an ftp address. In both cases I am able to set up the destination mediaset, and execute an initial backup, however systematically after the first backup, the mediaset becomes invalid claiming that the catalog is missing. This seems pretty weird as I can see the catalog either in the Finder with the WebDAV connection or in Cyberduck using ftp. Is there something here I am not catching on to ?
  7. Is it not possible to set up an internet based backup set to an FTP server in Retrospect 8 as it was in Retrospect 6? I can't find any mention of it in the User guide.
  8. as an afterthought, I am getting an "error 235 (FTP server refused request)" This comes up after the rebuilding process has already made a file that's 1.2 MB in size.
  9. Hi, I am trying to rebuild a catalog file from a backup that exists on an internet server. After three attempts the rebuild fails half way through the process making further backups impossible to execute and access to existing backups equally impossible. What is one to do in this situation? Is there some sort of work around, or are my backups lost?
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