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  1. Two very similar client computers, backing up to the same Retrospect Server on the same network, have very different backup performance rates. So far the only apparent difference is that the slow one has a Fusion drive. Could this be causing the slowness? "AG-04" "DD-13" From Script Log of completed backups... copy 1,483 MB/min 607 MB/min compare 2,742 MB/min 1,364 MB/min Machine Comparison... drive type HD Fusion macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra 10.13.6 High Sierra format Apple_HFS Apple_HFS network 1 Gb/sec 1 Gb/sec Instant Scan enabled enabled client version 16.5.1 (104) 16.5.1 (104) From Retrospect Server v16.6.0 (114), my "DD-14"... ping to 0.496 ms 0.459 ms Script... security password only password only block level inc. off off byte-by-byte off off data comp. off off bup started with script with script
  2. I realize this is an old thread, but here's what worked for me on Retrospect 10.2 on a Mac... I was having the very same problem where the password would not be accepted to unlock a media set. (This after entering a paid license code on an expired trial version. Maybe the cause?) It took rebuilding the media set. The result looked scary at first because it appeared that all the old backup data was lost (0 files, 0 space used) but scripts started to work again. Then, at some point, the tally of the old data files/space reappeared. HTH
  3. Resetting the passwords worked! For future readers: This involved booting from an OS X install disc then choosing the "Installer" menu item, the the "Reset Password" option. In my case it took resetting all the passwords (they're supposed to be the same anyway). Apparently one or more of mine got corrupted in the backup process. Thanks Dave!
  4. Actually OS9 should have nothing to do with the situation - it had been installed earlier as a test. To make sure I just erased everything on the second computer's drive using Norton Wipe Disc. Then went through the "restore entire disc" process outlined above. The same result occurred: the second computer will not accept the admin credentials used on the first computer. So Dave: should it be possible to restore an entire disc onto a different mac and have the OS credentials work? You've done this? Has anyone else done this? Am I running into an OS X security feature that won't let a copy of the drive work on a different computer? Thanks! Patrick
  5. No. I've tried it two ways 1) with OS 9 already installed 2) after the first attempt failed, with a fresh install of 10.2.8 Server - matching drive names and admin credentials. Would you recommend wiping the drive and trying again?
  6. Thanks for your reply Dave. 'Sorry for being vague, here are more details... - Type of Backup Set on the FireWire drive: File, normal, separate catalog - Backup Source: All files of the server - Steps taken: connect the external FireWire drive to the second computer start the computer with the Retrospect disaster recovery disc choose: "Immediate restore", "Restore an entire disk", "Open" to access an existing catalog file, the catalog from the FireWire drive, the snapshot of the first computer, "Restore Entire Disk" and the second computer's drive, "Replace" in the "Really restore..." confirmation message, "Restore" to confirm all previous choices The intent is to replace all files on the second (redundant) machine with a "snapshot" of the first machine so that everything (files, server OS and server settings) will be just as the first machine was at the time of the last backup. Retrospect takes a number of minutes to apparently copy a lot of files from the external drive. Then, upon restarting the second machine without the disaster disc, the server OS password challenge appears. The problem is that the admin credentials from the first machine are not accepted. Should I not be surprised at this? Is there any way to get my credentials to be accepted? Thanks, Patrick
  7. Greetings, My file server strategy has been to have two duplicate machines - one in operation regularly being backed up to an external drive. The other in storage. When the first goes down I connect the external drive to the second machine then run the Retrospect disaster recovery disc to rebuild it to the point of the last backup. Then the first machine can be repaired at my leisure. Upgrading the hard drives was the occasion to recheck this strategy. I could have sworn this was working when initially set up a couple of years ago but it's not now. Retrospect seems to be replacing the files but the redundant machine will not accept the admin password. Is this an OS X security issue - the OS installation is associated with the machine's MAC address? Yes I know I could install the OS manually then copy over the files but this would require rebuilding the server's parameters wouldn't it? Possibly relevant specification details... Retrospect 6.1.126 OS 10.2.8 Server (yes I know it's old) Cube 450MHz (yes I know they're old) ...this small office only needs reliable backups, speed hasn't been an issue. Shouldn't it be possible to follow this simple strategy? Or was I drinking the wrong Kool-aid? Thanks for whatever help you can offer.
  8. Thanks for all the help folks - I was missing that my downloads were incomplete. It doesn't seem to be platform or software related. Here's the list of combinations that I tried. They all failed... Mac 10.4.11: Firefox Mac 10.2.8 Server: Netscape 7.1 Mac 10.2.8 Server: IE 5.2 Mac 10.2.8 Server: Opera PC (XP) IE 7 PC (XP) Firefox PC (Vista) IE 7 PC (Vista) Cute FTP 7.2 Pro A fix on the server side might solve this then. Thanks again!
  9. Greetings, I've replaced the drive on my Mac server and would like to use a bootable cd to do a full volume restore using a backup set on an external firewire drive. My set was created on version 6.1.x and my cd is version 6.0.x. This of course doesn't work - as documented elsewhere in this forum. So I tried downloading the 6.1 Bootable CD from the EMC site... http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/kb/article.asp?aid=8122&n=33&s= Yet the .dmg image does not want to open. It produces the warning... "Retrospect-6.1_comp.dmg" failed to mount due to error 95. (no mountable file systems). This warning does not seem to be machine-specific as it comes up on the two computers that I've tried. Neither machine seems to have problems with .dmg images otherwise. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
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