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  1. Two very similar client computers, backing up to the same Retrospect Server on the same network, have very different backup performance rates. So far the only apparent difference is that the slow one has a Fusion drive. Could this be causing the slowness? "AG-04" "DD-13" From Script Log of completed backups... copy 1,483 MB/min 607 MB/min compare 2,742 MB/min 1,364 MB/min Machine Comparison... drive type HD Fusion macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra 10.13.6 High Sierra format Apple_HFS Apple_HFS network 1 Gb/sec 1 Gb/sec Instant Scan enabled enabled client version 16.5.1 (104) 16.5.1 (104) From Retrospect Server v16.6.0 (114), my "DD-14"... ping to 0.496 ms 0.459 ms Script... security password only password only block level inc. off off byte-by-byte off off data comp. off off bup started with script with script
  2. I realize this is an old thread, but here's what worked for me on Retrospect 10.2 on a Mac... I was having the very same problem where the password would not be accepted to unlock a media set. (This after entering a paid license code on an expired trial version. Maybe the cause?) It took rebuilding the media set. The result looked scary at first because it appeared that all the old backup data was lost (0 files, 0 space used) but scripts started to work again. Then, at some point, the tally of the old data files/space reappeared. HTH
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