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  1. I updated to 7.6.111 from 7.5xxxx. Retrospect itself is working perfectly. I am unable to launch the new monitor application. I receive an error message indicating that .NET Framework version 2.0.50727 is required. I thought .NET framework was automatically installed when the application is installed. Perhaps the problem is that prior to installing 7.6.111 an older version of .NET framework was installed. Old version 1.1 is installed. I've tried reinstalling Retrospect but the result is the same.
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts. Your comment about how to contact EMC support is also appreciated. That, unfortunately, brings up another subject. I have a support contract for my Windows version of Retrospect. I haven't bothered purchasing a support contract with my Mac version. Unfortunately contacting Support has been very difficult. When I've emailed to the exact address that is provided to support customers, there has been no response. This has happened three times in the last couple of months. Each time, after waiting up to a week for a response, I have then called. (I originally used email because the help I needed was not of an emergency category.) Each time I was told there was no record of receiving my email. The most recent difficulty was with telephone support. All calls go to the same phone number whether the customer has a support contract or not. That phone number has been overwhelmed due to Vista. I've had to wait over 2 hours simply to get to the initial level of support where I am allowed to give my contract information. Frankly, it's these support issues that make me more concerned than the disaster recovery problems. Enough ranting. I appreciate this forum. Frequently users-to-user help is very effective.
  3. This is exactly the issue that has caused me to begin looking at competitive products. It's very understandable that disaster recovery to different hardware is very difficult. That said, I believe it is negligent for EMC to totally ignore the situation. If there's no solution, be honest and say so. If there might be a solution but it's still being researched by EMC, say so. I've been using Retrospect (both Windows & Mac versions) forever (seems that way -- probably over 14 years however). I've always been impressed with both products but this situation cannot be ignored if EMC wants to maintain its customer base.
  4. Interesting idea. I want to make sure I understand the concept. Right now the only users who actually run applications residing on the server are myself and my assistant. We both have administrative log-ins. Normally I'm the only person doing anything in Retrospect. Retrospect was launched under my log-in and the script was created at that time. My assistant sometimes runs Retrospect to do a restoration but he normally doesn't work with any of the scripts. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but there are other users who have read/write permissions in some shared folders but nobody else actually runs any applications. You're suggesting we do the following: 1 -- create a new user on the server named "Backup Administrator". Configure as outlined in the knowledge base article. 2 -- will the script that was previously made still automatically run or do I have to be logged in as "Backup Administrator" and then create the script, etc? Thank you.
  5. I use MultiServer running on a server and it backs up about a dozen machines nightly. I'm looking for a way I can monitor the status of a backup script while it's running. I cannot log in to the server and launch Retrospect. Since a session of Retrospect is running I would end that session if I launch another. I had thought Reports Watcher might help but it doesn't seem to do what I want. Retrospect is configured to export the log to Reports Watcher but that doesn't happen until the particular script finishes. Hence Reports Watcher, although it's updating every 10 minutes, has no new information. What would be nice is if the log itself could be viewed and you could see that machines 1-4 were backed up. Because you know there are 12 machines, you could assume the script is working on machine number 5 at this point in time. What brought all of this up is that the volume of data being backed up is large enough that I needed a second tape (I use an autoloader). Retrospect was waiting for the second tape to be inserted. I know I can change the preferences to allow an indefinite wait or a specific time. If I could view the status of a Retrospect session while it's running, perhaps I'd see this type of problem.
  6. Thanks. I didn't notice the tab for archive on the basic retrospect update page.
  7. I haven't been on theweb site for a while and with the new organizational structure I cannot find the latest update to my Retrospect product. I'm running 7.0.326 (along with other versions unrelated to this posting) and I see the latest driver is I'm currently I cannot find where to download the updated driver.
  8. I installed Retrospect 6 on a new Mac. The clients already had older versions of client software from an earlier version of Retrospect. I then installed the new client software on each remote. Everything is working perfectly. What's confusing is when you look at the Client Database. Adjacent to the client name on two remote devices is a number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). There's no number adjacent to the client name on the remainder. What's the number stand for? Is there a reason why some clients have a number and others don't? Do I need to be concerned? Thank you.
  9. This is probably very elementary, but I don't find it in the manual. I'm going to be backing up clients that are OSX. Obviously the client computer must be running, but does the user need to be logged in at that client or can the remote person simply log off but leave the Mac running?
  10. I've modified the furnished script to allow Retrospect to send log reports via Apple Mail. The basic process is working perfectly. Is there something I can do to tell the operating system (OSX) to quit Apple Mail once the script has finished sending the email? Otherwise Apple Mail is running. I prefer it not to run except when needed for the script because Apple Mail is NOT our normal email program. Operating system is OS X version 10.3.7. Retrospect Backup 6.0.204.
  11. I recently downloaded the bootable cd disk image and burned the cd. As far as I could tell, the process went perfectly. My plan was to attempt to boot from the cd just to be sure I'd be prepared in the event of a future need. After over 5 minutes I got impatient and became concerned that something unpleasant might be happening to the hard drive. I couldn't stop the process so I had to power down. Although it took longer than normal to boot normally from the hard drive the first time, everything looks to be just fine. Was I too impatient. Somebody told me today that booting from a an emergency bootable cd like I had simply takes 5-10 minutes. Thanks.
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