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  1. Ay caramba. "Mommy, what's a row-dur?" Thanks, Dave. I'll have to buy lunch for the network gurus here and pick their brains. Stay tuned for the unfolding saga....
  2. I had another thought: As I understand, the Workgroup and Server editions are the only two products that are able to backup clients beyond the immediate subnet, yes? Question: Did the 5.0236 update I ran to my initial install of 5.0 Retrospect Workgroup change any of its functionality? We are licensed for the Workgroup edition (20 pack licenses).
  3. Yes, Amy. I've toggled it on and off, and kept it off on the OS X clients. In the OS9 clients, however, the option does not exist and the machines do not have firewall software running. What else?
  4. Addendum & More Troubleshooting: Changed one of the problem client iMac ip# to one within server's subnet (207.x.x.x). This resolved problem and I can now log in/configure this iMac. Further reading led me to try the kbase article on 'logging in clients from outside the local subnet'. I tried this, adding the non-local subnet configurations. No luck. Tried using the network utility program and ping'ed (sp) the other problematic client machines on the non-local subnets: packets sent and received, no loss. Hmm... What am I missing?
  5. Help. Backup server machine: G4 Server, Dual 1 ghz tower, running OSX Server 10.2.1 Retrospect Workgroup, updated with latest 5.0236 updater. Client machines: Various iMacs & G4 towers running various flavors of: OS X 10.2.1 (5.040 clients) , OS 9.2.2 (5.040 clients) Problem: All clients with same ip#'s (207.x.x.x) are backed-upped (sp?) and are fine. However, clients (both OSX and OS 9) on ip#'s (205.x.x.x) are SEEN on the client configuration windows, but can't be configured or logged in. Attempts at either 1) configuring a previously logged in client or 2) logging in a new client results in error code 541 : Clients not installed or running. Troubleshooting: All problem clients have had client software (both 5.0236 & 5.040) toggled on and off, restarted, uninstalled and re-installed. Pitond process via Process Viewer says they're running. They can be seen, but I can't log them in or configure them. Help! Please advise on steps I should take for resolution. Kind regards. Alec
  6. I've noticed that audio cd's are being recognized and back-upped (sp?) as well. Had to switch to 'Selected Volumes' to solve this problem.
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