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  1. Running Retrospect 9.5 for Windows, have been doing encrypted backups to external drives. The PC that was running Retrospect crashed and we've had to re-install WIndows and all the applications, including Retrospect 9.5. I have a bunch of RDB files in a sub-folder on an external drive. How do I re-create the database and restore files from this backup set? I do have the encryption key handy. I tried copying the folder with all the files to the PC, then trying to recreate the catalog but when navigating to the copied folder, it shows nothing and I have no OK button to click, just cancel. Lost and need some help. Thanks!
  2. Let me start of by saying this....THANK YOU BOTH for taking all your time and thought to answer my question. I really do appreciate your time and effort. Now for the "ugly" part, simply put, you guys are trying to solve problems that don't really exist. My client has one NAS already, they don't need another one. We've investigated cloud-based backup storage, and frankly nothing fits for simplicity, cost and desired end-result. The staff in this office is VERY reliable and there are multiple staff members that know the closing duties, so the external drive will get switched out as needed without fail and taken offsite. All I need is the ability for Retrospect to re-run the same job to copy files/folders from their onsite NAS, to the external drive Monday-Friday with the only intervention being staff members change out disks. At this point, it appears this software cannot do this, so I'm going to be looking at different products that can. Again, thank you both so much for your time, effort and suggestions, but I think at this point I need to abandon this software and find something else.
  3. I'm not really trying to do a 10-day backup or anything like that. I have 11 external drives purchased to keep & rotate daily backups(M-F; 2 sets with one to go offsite at end of month). All I'm wanting to do is to backup the same files and folders from a NAS share, to an external drive, have one of the office staff change out drives in the morning, and have that exact same job run again. All without any software-based intervention. IF this works well, then I'll purchase more of the drives ($50 each) to have 4 weeks worth of M-F backups and a couple of monthly drives to change. Really want a simple solution, but I'm thinking Retrospect isn't going to let me do it as I want. Thanks!
  4. I think we are getting caught up in the actual management and rotation of the media, I'll manage that however works best. Let's simplify things a bit. How do I create a backup job, that will automatically write out the same, full data sets to new disk media every time it is run without intervention or prompting for adding new members or media sets. If I need to prep media sets or members prior, I'm ok with that. I just want the end-user to disconnect one drive, and hook up another and that's it for intervention. Can that be done? Thanks again for your time and input on this!
  5. Not too worried about those exact details, if I need another day or two on a disk due to a longer month, then the disks have plenty of space compared to what is being backed up. Or I simply buy more disks and just work them into the schedule as needed. I really just need Retrospect to do an full backup, every day either appending data to an existing disk, or overwriting what is on the disk. That is my hangup right now. I thought I had the script set correctly, but it keeps asking for a new member after the first night when I have a new disk attached. The NAS is a Lenovo/Iomega unit. I've used the copy/backup that it has built-in before and it isn't very reliable or good. Thanks!
  6. Running Retrospect Desktop v9 and wanting to do something that I think should be simple, but haven't got it figured out yet. Here's the setup: -Retrospect software on network-attached workstation -Several network shares on an external NAS -Backup devices are external USB 3.0 drives (x11) Split into two sets (Set1-Monday.....Set1-Friday, Set2-Monday...Set2-Friday) -All data written to be AES-256bit encrypted I want to setup a backup script/job that will copy ALL the folders/files from the network shares to the current external drive that is attached. Each day a new external drive would be attached replacing the previous nights drive. Ideally, I would like to be able to re-use each set twice per month, so I have a full months worth of backup. For example: MonthWeek1 - Use Set1-Monday through Friday (overwrite media) MonthWeek2 - Use Set2-Monday through Friday (overwrite media) MonthWeek3 - Use Set1-Monday through Friday (append to media) MonthWeek4 - Use Set2-Monday through Friday (append to media) At start of following month, start the process over. If this can't be done, then at the very least I want to overwrite the media every night (and I'll just purchase more drives). This all has to be done automatically.....I can't manually add members or sets or whatever as these jobs will need to run late at night and early in the morning. Can anyone help out with this? Really need this to happen ASAP or I just need to cut my loses and find a different backup software. Thanks!
  7. Running v9.0.0(110) and backing up mapped shares on a NAS. Looking for the simplest way for the end-users to manage. I want two alternate jobs that are scheduled on different days of the week, that when they kickoff at 10pm at night they will automatically erase or overwrite any tape in the drive. I don't really want the end-user to worry about backup sets or anything like that, simply put "Monday" tape in and put in a "Tuesday" tape the next morning. How can I make Retrospect auto-erase any tape that is already in the drive? Thanks. Bill
  8. Using latest version of Retrospect Pro on a small network trying to backup folders stored on a SNAP drive attached to the network. Some of the folders are secured for certain users only. The machine I'm running Retrospect on is usually used by a person with low access to the SNAP server that has access to some of the folders but not all of them. I was wanting to use the "Run as specified user" option to run Retrospect as another user, one with full rights to all the folders on the SNAP server. Does this "power user" that will be specified have to have a local login account on the PC running Retrospect? Thanks. Bill
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