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  1. Hi there...our small business has ONE server. Not being a server expert, I need some advise please. Our server is used for EVERYTHING in our office...apps, files, DHCP, faxes, etc. I currently use the Windows Server 2003 SBS Backup utility to run a nightly backup...it keeps 3 backup sets (.bkf files), each currently about 26GB. I am also using Retrospect Disk-to-disk to back up to a pair of 500GB external HD's that I swap out weekly in order to keep one off site. My question is...is it overkill to continue to copy the windows .bkf files to my external hd's since everything contained in them, supposedly, is already contained in the retrospect backup sets. Or, would it be safer or a "best practice" to also make redundant copies of the .bkf files. Thank you for any thoughts and advice you may have!! -Aaron
  2. Thanks for the suggestion...gave it a try and no processes are holding the drive open :-( Any other thoughts? Do you think I'm safe to continue to use the forced power-down option? I don't feel comfortable not knowing why the drive won't stop. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'm an "IT Manager" by default for our small company. We have a new server (SBS 2003 R2 for apps, files, faxing, backup, etc.) and are using Retrospect Disk-to-Disk v 7.5 with two WD MyBook Pro external USB hard drives. I am swithching them our every Monday so that I can take an up-to-date backup set offsite. The folks at EMC had me reformat the drives to NTFS and, in doing so, the "Safely Stop Hardware" functionallity has stopped working. When I attempt to "Stop" the HD to swap it out, windows tells me that "The devide 'WD 5000AAKS External USB Device' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later." I assume that this occurs because something is accessing the HD, but I cannot tell what it is using task manager. The only work around seems to be a "forced" shutdown on the drive via the 4-seconds on the power button method, which WD tech support advised as "not ideal". So, has anyone experienced this ? I found the media->handling->Stop Removable Storage Manager checked in Retrospect preferences...is this causing my problem and if so, can I uncheck it to resolve? Is there any danger in doing so? Thanks for your help!! Aaron
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