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  1. We exactly followed the descriptions in the document. The group memberships, cdo, etc. everything is set up as described in the document. We also tried outlook 2007 install but that did not work neither. The exchange server is a member server in an AD.
  2. We set up test environment for one of our customers who wants to switch to Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows 2008 Server. I set up the environment as described in the tutorials and the informations to 2008 and exchange 2007. The Retrospect server should be a different computer also running 2008. This did not work. But also installing Retrospect on the exchange server does not work. Backing up the databases works; only the mailboxes are the problem. I get the following error message when trying to connect to the mailboxes: Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem? How can I debug the scenario? I appreciate your help. I have no idea what might be the problem.
  3. I don´t want to backup an exchange server. Exchange is just installed. It is not enabled in retrospect and is not suppossed to back it up. But I get an MAPI error every second, it means log files of about 16megs every day with unnecessary information, that really gets hard on my nerves. NO one told retrospect to to anything with the MAPI interface, so why is it doing anything and it only happens with the proactive backup, why not with the plain old backup scripts?
  4. I have a quite annoying problem with Proactive Backup. If I enable a Proactive Backup that is supposed to backup a regular folder ( so nothing special) I get the following error message: Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80004005. about once every second which leaves a 20MB log in about a day. If I choose a regular backup script and stop Proactive Backup I will not get the error System information: Windows 2003R2 SP2 64bit server and the current Retrospect 7.5 as a trial product I have Exchange 2k7 installed. Many thanks in advance
  5. Thanks Amy, but this didn´t help. I changed the permissions like mentioned above (they were standing on everyone), but even after a restart of the server it did not work properly. I still have to kill retrorun.exe to start Retrospect again. Is there anything else I could try.
  6. Has anyone a solution to this problem, because I am having the same problem. I had to reinstall the system now on 64bit version on 2003R2 and after that I started having exactly the same problem. I have to kill retrorun.exe and then everything is fine (at least for one startup). So if someone got a solution to this problem help would be appreciate
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