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  1. Ohhhhhh... THANK YOU so much! I didn't realize I could do it within the 'Schedule'->'Modify...' dialogue. I've been watching the training videos and thought it was only available to do Recycle with Immediate backups. Very Cool! Thanks!!!
  2. I was wondering how I would go about doing a Recycle Backup with one of my automated backup scripts? The source for this one particular automated backup has been changed radically different than the current backup set, so I'd like to recycle and have it delete everything first before doing a CLEAN backup of the new data. Thanks for your help!
  3. Boy... Thank you so much Robin. You've saved my day! Really!!! I'll go ahead and complete that process now. Thanks so much again!
  4. Hey Robin, Thanks for the link. I'm not sure I fully understand what I'm supposed to do however.. I've read this technote a couple times and have a question: It says DO NOT enter a new license code if Retrospect asks for one. Since I had to reinstall Retrospect on a new drive.. I already did do that. So with that being done.. can't I just grab any configXX.dat and configXX.bak files from the Backup Set and just use those to overwrite the ones on the new installation of Retrospect?
  5. I recently had a OS hard drive failure (the drive Retrospect 7.5 Professional was installed on) and just installed windows and Retrospect on a new hard drive. Luckily I had a full backup of C:\ so I have backups of most of my stuff. My question is... Since now I have a fresh installation of Retrospect, I'd like to reset all my Retrospect preference, scripts, etc. back to the way they were before my hard drive failed. Since I have a complete backup of the C:\ that failed (where it was installed)... I'm guessing there are some files I can restore and copy them to certain folders in my new Retrospect application folders to get it back to where it was? In other words, which files do I need to take from the backup to overwrite (or add) files in the new Retrospect installation to make it recognize all my scripts, preferences, etc. That way I don't have to recreate all my scripts and settings. Thank you so much for your help. Todd
  6. I recently uninstalled an Adobe DVD burning application that caused something to happen in the registry that it causes an error for all my other software that does any kind of cd/dvd burning (such as retrospect). In order to fix these errors now, I need to reinstall all software that does any kind of cd/dvd burning. Does anyone know how I can export all my settings and backup scripts so I won't lose all my setups when I go to uninstall retrospect and reinstall it again cleanly? Everything works fine now with Retrospect except for burning to cd/dvd's. So I need to reinstall to make it work again. How can I export all my settings and backup scripts? And also, what is the method to import all that back in when I do the clean install? Thanks for any help.
  7. Excuse my ignorance... but isn't it the same whether a disc image is burned to a CD-R or a DVD-R? Can Windows not boot to a DVD-R? Also, Possible causes for the ISO image becoming too large: 1) I386 Folder is too large – this can happen if you are using a non-Microsoft Windows Installation CD such as an OEM Installer. Always use a Microsoft Windows Installer CD. 2) Check the Windows Driver Folder to see if you have installed Drivers that are abnormally large. 3) Check the Retrospect Application Folder. If there are any large files that don’t really belong there (such as Catalog files) they will be copied to the DR CD. Remove any unnecessary files from this Folder before attempting to create the DR CD. 4) Check the Retrospect Config Folder. If there are any files that don’t really belong there (such as config files from previous versions of the program) they will be copied to the DR CD. Remove any unnecessary files from this Folder before attempting to create the DR CD. What should I do if #1 is the problem... buy a non-OEM Windows CD? What should I do if #2 is the problem... delete the drivers that are big? Also.. where is the (#4) 'Retrospect Config' Folder? Thanks for your help.
  8. My disaster recovery ISO image is coming out to be 751 MB. Can't I just burn this disc image to a DVD-R? As opposed to a CD-R in which it will not fit on? Why does Retrospect make it seem that it is limited to burning to a CD-R?
  9. I am having this exact same problem... only it is happening to BOTH my DVD/+RW drives (Plextor and Lite-On). Also, I am no longer able to access these DVD drives from within Windows Explorer. Everything was working fine until I rebooted today and BANG... this happens. Would appreciate any help on this matter. Pete, if you find out anything.. please let me know. Thanks.
  10. I just tried to make a DR CD and my ISO came out to 750 MB. What's the deal on burning this ISO to a DVD-R? Does it have to be a CD-R? Seems like that would cure everything... surely windows can boot from a DVD-R???? Thanks.
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