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  1. After a double power failure and Microsoft telling me that there's no way to recover from a bad .edb page, I started to push backed up mailboxes to the server. What I found was that every single calendar item in every single mailbox was missing a start date/timestamp. This makes the items unopenable and only viewable in a list view. I was able to get most of this data by exporting the cached OST calendars and importing the .pst files into the online mailbox. This has been really fun with 150 users. Is there anyway to see if retrospect captured the calendar data correctly? Is there any reason for this? Also, It would have been nice to have the option of merging the backup into the new mailboxes. Needless to say, I'm not backing up exchange with retrospect ever again. For the moment it's NTBackup and exmerge. We're evaluating our other options. -Liam
  2. This server is a hardware backup for an exchange server... I guess I'll have to go shopping for a dedicated single processor, single core 1U server. Any suggestions for specs? What is the fastest single core processor made? Even with multiple jobs running Retrospect never goes above 14% CPU utilization. How much memory can retrospect actually use? As for parallel file matching, why not? I'm not using tape. I'm gonna have to do some research. -Liam
  3. I've been trying to set up a new install of multi-server, but when I try and backup our file server for a second time it gets stuck at "matching". This is a new Dell PE 2950 with dual quad-core Xeons, 4GB of RAM. The backup reports about 2.2 million files in 150GB of data. Retrospect only seems capable of using one core of one processor and thus is "pegged" at 13% of total CPU. Is there any way to get retrospect to use more of the available CPU? Any tips other than reducing the number of files or finding a multi-threaded backup product? -Liam
  4. From retroclient.log: 1180977171: netCheckNewInterfaces: found new address 1180977171: iplud: bound to address 1180977171: ipludAddMembership: adding membership for 1180977171: ipludAddMembership: setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP) failed with error 10049 for 1180977177: IPNSRegister(1): registered: "servername"/"b8fb01005b0354ac" 1180977177: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for 1180977182: netEnumInterfaces: deleting interface 3, ip Retroclient seems to be trying (and failing) to bind to the internal MS RAS VPN "interface" every 10 seconds or so. I've been having some other problems that this probably doesn't effect... But how can I make it just bind to the correct interface and stop trying on the others? -Liam
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