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  1. The master db's recovery model is 'simple' and you can only do full backups.
  2. Old post, but we have similar trouble with RHEL5. According to this: http://retrospect.co...-client-support it seems to be a supported client. I filled the support form and will post the outcome of the case here.
  3. We have the location options as in the picture above. But we do backup security information, all of it. That seems to be the problem. When we have moved the files to another location, their ACLs have also changed (according to the shared location another set of domain local groups have access). This change in ACLs triggers backing up all the files although they have not changed at all. Retrospect can not backup only NTFS security information, it copies the files even when there is no reason to back them up. I'll consider not backing up security information for certain locations, but I think this is a case for the backup solution to handle better.
  4. How's 8.1 working now that it's officially out (http://retrospect.co...8/release_notes)? I'm pretty fed up with 7.7 and about to update soon. Retrospect devs are probably not focusing on old version - I would have a better chance to get problems and bugs fixed if I'm using the latest.
  5. Hello Check this one out: http://forums.retros...r-8194-on-w2k8/
  6. Old post, but we have a similar issue. A Linux client cannot be backed up at all, trying that will crash Retrospect (7.7.620) every time. Client versions 7.6.100 and 7.7.100 have been tested. Our three other Linux boxes don't have this issue. Any ideas?
  7. Hello forum, We are seeing and hit hard by the fact that Retrospect 7.7 on Windows will backup everything even when the file has NOT changed at all. Altered ACL or location is enough to trigger copying a file. This does not usually matter much but when arranging 10 TB of stuff, it really does suck especially because R7.x is quite slow and not using the system resources to the fullest. How is this with 8+ versions? Not that I am willing to risk anything and everything by upgrading yet. I did that once (7.6 -> 7.7) and lost thousands of euros worth of working time, not to mention the frustration, oops, did I mention the frustration? I would like to know how R8 behaves in this respect. I'm more than ready to make the change and face all the trouble needed, since there is not one single more problematic product in our environment than Retrospect has proven to be, but I'm also willing to give it a chance. If you have working knowledge to share on this, I would like to hear it. Other (real-world based) info on R 8.0 and later is welcome, too.
  8. You have probably found out already what to do. Anyway, Retrospect will need SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components in order to backup SQL Server 2008. According to my notes, you would have to select SQL-DMO for installation.
  9. I used to have trouble with selectors a long time ago: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/24392/pid/94634/. I don't know of any issues right now.
  10. Check this out: http://www.retrospect.com/press!
  11. A new one for me just for the record. OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 version 6.1 (build 7601), Service Pack 1, (64 bit) Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.7\Retrospect.exe, version 7.7.562 Exception occurred on 1.11.2011 at 21:00:44 Error info: Assertion failure at "ex_idevop.cpp-961" Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: FD3BCACD 0001:0000BACD KERNELBASE.dll
  12. So, it's slow on any hardware, my topic on the subject: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/75618-backup-performance/.
  13. I think there should be a way to sort them in the GUI by date, name and so on. At the very least they should be sorted by default. We have something like 200 sets - I will not reopen or move them all in alphabetical order, right now it's hard to find anything, since we transferred the server a while back, and the sets are really mixed up in the listing.
  14. Hello group, What kind of performance to tape do you get with 7.7? We are usually getting around 600 MB/min to 1300 MB/min (up to 1600 MB/min in job log) depending on the source and the size of files. We use encryption for the network traffic (how paranoid is that!). Most our servers have 1 Gb network connection. Restores of large files run at 3000 MB/min. Drives are LTO-4. Backup server's CPU (E7600@3.06 GHz) utilization is typically around 40 % when backing up. I'm guessing here, but Retrospect might not use both cores efficiently. IIRC, our backups used to run at approximately the same speed with a lot slower hardware. If that's the case, then it might be Retrospect that's setting the limits. Just bumped into Improved network backup performance, with as much as three-times faster copying speeds of 8.2 (for Mac, of course) (http://www2.retrospect.com/en/products/software/retroformac/?region=9). Any Roxio figures available? Any piece of information is valuable for the next time I get to upgrade hardware.
  15. Ouch! I feel your pain. We used to do disk backup, too. Only tape for now. It is slow, but no grooming worries any more. For W2k8 servers' disaster recovery I have Windows backups, too, in addition to Retrospect backups. In case someone is interested, this is how I do it: all our W2k8 servers, physical and virtual, do Windows backup (disk image) of their system drives to a share daily (less than 30 GB for server) and this location is backed up to tape daily with Retrospect. Two tape sets are in use for this, and they are recycled often. Now I always have the previous day's system for every server on disk and some more on tape. Disk and tape cost is minimal. I did this because I did not trust Retrospect to be able to restore W2k8 AD, since it was not officially supported a while back.
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