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  1. I upgraded to 9.01 from 8x today. I then installed Growl, but Restrospect is not showing up in the Growl Preferences panel. I have rebooted the server. Anything else I can try? thanks, -=Scott
  2. I get: > !Trouble reading files, error -540 ( trouble creating service) In the log and the backup does not complete.
  3. I'm getting the following when backing up a Linux client: Aug 11 09:51:35 beach Retrospect[18539]: fetFileSpec: unexpected EOF on "/web/mrtg/www.am-fm.org-day.png" I'm running 8.1 on my Mac backup server. 7.6.100 on my Linux server which is running "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5 (Tikanga)" From searching the forum, I saw that this was supposed to be fixed in some 7.5.x release. I've re-installed the client to ensure that the right version is running: $ /etc/init.d/rcl status Server "xxx.xxx.net": Version 7.6.100 back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 0 connections, 0 authenticated
  4. Sorry about the lack of information..I should know better. I'm running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a new Mac Pro running MacOS 10.4.9. (I had the same issue on my Sawtooth G4) This happens with Linux and Windows clients. I'm running client 7.0.110 on Linux and 7.0.112 on windows. I get the same elem16.c-687 assertion failure. I do not have two copies of Retrospect running. I'm backing up to File on an external Seagate Firewire drive. I have a client that is in this state now. I can reproduce easily by going to Configure->Clients, click "Configure..." for this client, then click on the Configure tab in the "Client Configuration" window. As soon as I click the Configure tab I get this assertion. If I remove the client and add it back, it will work for awhile, but will eventually get back to the same state. (it would not be that big of a deal if I did not have to go back and re-create all of my sub volumes) Let me know if I can provide any more info. I'll keep this client in this state for now... thanks!
  5. This same thing is happening to me. It happened yesterday and again today with one client. Anyone know of a way to stop this?? thanks! Scott
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