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  1. I am connecting to the NAS via Ethernet via a share name e.g. \\WDMYCLOUD\Public. There is plenty of disk space free on the NAS, so it cannot be that that is causing it. I also tend to hand any power savings for PC and network device turned of to avoid anything going to sleep. So, I am not sure why it loses connection during a backup...
  2. Heres the opations log again. Operations_log.txt
  3. I am using Windows 8.1 PRo and recently upgraded from Retrospec 8.5 to Retrospec 10. Backups on 8.5 to my WD MyCloud NAS drive was ok with only an occasional fail. I tried a full backup on v10 but each time it failed, due to either corrupt backup files or losing connection to the NAS drive and unable to continue the backup. When I losing connection, I have to browse for the backup set folder again, and try to select the last backup file, it it either says its corrupt or in the last case, it was missing. I have to stop the backup, reboot restart it again and it sometimes goes ok but still fails to find last backup set, browsing for it does not seem to work properly. Here's a section from the Operations log to show what I mean (see attachment). Itried a restore of My Spreadsheets and Pictures to my restore folder, and no files were restored. The backups were useless. So, I am going to have to revert Retrospecback to v8.5 until this problem has been resolved. I have also found that speed when backing up lots of small files, is extremely slow and can take many hours... not really acceptable. Any ideas why this is happening?
  4. Solved: Thanks, that seems to have resolved it. Now got a nice red square icon again.
  5. I have upgraded to Retrospec 8.2 and the program icon for Retrospec.exe program does not seem to be displayed properly on my Windows 7 PC for the actual .EXE file or when creating a shortcut and you just get a bog standard shell32.dll type program icon. The little red square does appear in the Properties window but thats all. Any change of fixing this in a future release?
  6. I have fixed it, by rearranging my IDE drives and moving my BENQ to the primary IDE channel: In devices, it now displays the following: Environment. Devices visible using NT Passthrough ... 0:0:0 HDS72251 5VLAT20. V340 0:1:0 BENQ DVD DD DW1650 BCDC BENQ DVD+RW - RDI (1.56) 1:0:0 ••••••••• ••••••••• ••••• 1:1:0 Iomega ZIP 100 03.H Why the hell, it didn't like my original setup, I'll never know. Sorted! :-)
  7. i have now fixed the problem, for some reason I didn't like me IDe arrangement, so I moved the BENQ from the secondary IDE channel to the first IDE channel and now it has picked it up in Retrospect!!!!!
  8. Yes, its a custom made machine, originally purchased in Dec 1999 and upgraded over the years. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7VAXP, VIA KT400 chipset. Processor: Athlon XP 2100 1.7GHz RAM: 1GB Disk drives HDS722516VLAT20 ATA (Hitatchi 160GB PATA HD) Iomega ZIP100 ATA DVD/CD-ROM drives BENQ DVD DD DW1650 ATA SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-606F ATA I have NO extra CD/DVD burning software installed (I have Nero 6 Reloaded but it is NOT installed or ever been installed on Vista).
  9. I have tried installing 6.5 and then 7.5 plus the 370 patch and that has made no difference. I have installed 7.5 on Windows XP Pro SP2 and that has picked my drives no problem (after updating from 6.5). So, there must be a bug with Vista thats preventing my drives from being recognised. The only other thing I tried was copying my working config files from my XP partition to vista, but that does not make any difference either!
  10. An update: I now have a dual boot system with XP Pro SP2. I installed Retrospect 6.5, ran it and licensed it and it picked up all my drives and asked me to configure my Benq drive which it did. Then I installed Retrospect 7.5 and it installed it ok and picked up the old config file ok. Now, in Vista, I installed Retrospect 6.5 and ran it and licensed it ok. It didn't pick up any drives, then I installed Retrospect 7.5, tried running it and failed due to admin priviledges, installed the 7.5 370 patch, then ran it and licensed it. It did not pick up any previous config files and clicking on Devices, only picked up devices on the first IDE channel and still ignores my DVD drives on the second channel and thus still only able to backup to HD and not DVD. Looks like there is a bug in the Retrospec program somewhere, because it ain't me! Would purchasing a Full license code rather than an Upgrade code make any difference?
  11. No, I installed Vista and then installed Retrospec 7.5. There was no point installing 6.5 on Vista as its incompatible. Would it make any difference? I have set up a dual boot with Windows XP, installed 6.5 and it detected my Benq drive immediately and offered it to be configured. I will then try 7.5 afterwards on XP and see if that works, if so, the hardware should be fine. Could be a bug with Retrospec and vista....
  12. As far as I know, it lists it as a Benq drive. Since I don't have Windows XP installed yet, I cannot say for certain. I do remember it worked ok in 6.5 after configuring the device. 7.5 does not want to know ... are there any EMC Technical support people I can talk to?
  13. How do I contact Technical Support from EMC, so I can use their product properly? If not, I will have to seriously consider getting a refund cause 7.5 is worse than 6.5!
  14. Unfortunately, it doesn't list any Benq drives at all!
  15. Is this drive compatible with Retrospec 7.5? I have used this drive with Retrospec 6.5 with latest RDU driver update.
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