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  1. (1) Okay, I downloaded and tried RDU No joy. (2) Here's what System Profiler shows: SCSI Parallel Domain 0: Initiator Identifier: 7 SCSI Target Device @ 5: Manufacturer: HP Model: C5713A Revision: H312 SCSI Target Identifier: 5 SCSI Device Features: Wide, Sync SCSI Initiator/Target Features: Wide, Sync Peripheral Device Type: 1 SCSI Logical Unit @ 0: Manufacturer: HP Model: C5713A Revision: H312 SCSI Logical Unit Identifier: 0 (Note: The SCSI ID is different than my original message because I tried going back to the default ID's in HP's documentation.) (3) Flash ROM version dated 2/18/08 Driver version 4.3.0 I started having trouble with the old drive about 2 weeks ago and updated the ATTO firmware and drivers then.
  2. I just installed an HP Surestore 40x6 autoloader on my system. (I had been using a single DDS4 drive.) For some reason, Retrospect is not enabling the autoloader functions, as if it does not see the drive as an autoloader. Am I missing something? Drive: HP Surestore 40x6 (Case label says model C5717C, Retrospect says C5713A which is listed as "Optimal" in the supported devices list) Drive ID: 2, loader ID: 5 SCSI Card: ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D with latest firmware Retrospect Workgroup 6.1.138, Driver Update Mac OS X 10.4.9 PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5
  3. I'm running Retrospect on an OS X machine to a tape backup. It also backs up a Windows XP machine via Retrospect Client 7.1. Last night's daylight savings time change caused Retrospect to back up everything from the Windows machine which is wasting a lot of tape space. Is there a solution for this?
  4. Here's how to access the log: Find the Utilities folder in your Application folder. Inside that folder you'll find an application named "Console". Open it. In the upper left of the window you'll see an icon labelled "Logs". Click on it to open a list of various logs on the left side of the window. Click the triangle next to "/Library/Logs" to display the logs for the overall system. (Note: This is not the "~/Library/Logs" section. Those are logs which apply just to your user account.) Click on "panic.log" to see the logs from kernel panics. Since this is really just a text file, there could be more than one kernel panic listed. Each log entry is separated from the others by a series of asterisks. (*********) Just look for the one(s) with the appropriate date and time. You can copy and paste the appropriate log info into your message to EMC. (It's just like selecting and copying in any word processor.) I don't have any suggestions for other backup software for the Mac. Toast is capable of spanning stuff across DVD's, so it could be used as a "backup lite" substitution. But it can't do things like backing up the entire system, including system files, or backing up only what has changed since the last backup. You would be better off gritting your teeth and using the internal drive like I did. The DVD backup was just temporary until a SCSI card arrived so I could backup to tape. (I'm currently using DDS-4, but I'm hoping to move to AIT-4 in the near future.)
  5. No I haven't. I did send feedback using the form on their website reporting this as a bug. I also included the logs from the kernel panics. You might want to do the same so they know it's not just an isolated problem and to give them more info they can use to track it down.
  6. I just told Retrospect to ignore the LaCie and did the backup to the internal drive with no problems. It wasn't necessary to disconnect the LaCie.
  7. I just installed Retrospect 6.1 on my new computer. (I had been using 5.1 under Mac OS 9, but a new 10.4 machine required an update.) Since I'm still waiting on a SCSI card to arrive so I can use the tape backup, I decided to use an external DVD burner to do a backup. Unfortunately, Retrospect locked up on me every time I tried to "Configure" the drive. It would ask me for a DVD to use, then the "Checking write method…" dialog would appear. The drive activity light would flash for a while then it would stop. The Retrospect "tape wheels" busy cursor would be displayed for a while, then it would change to the spinning pizza of death. When this happens, Retrospect's dock menu would say that the application isn't responding. Just to make sure, I did try leaving it running for half an hour with no change. This happened 4 times. (I had tried deleting preferences and the .rdi files a couple of times just to be sure.) On my last two attempts, force quitting Retrospect caused a kernel error. This drive worked perfectly with Retrospect for Windows. Does anyone have any suggestions? Configuration data: Retrospect 6.1.126 RDU Mac OS 10.4.7 PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5 RAM: 4.5 GB External Drive: LaCie d2 16x DVD-RW w/ Lightscribe (TSSTcorp SH-W162L w/ LC00/MMC-3 firmware) (Yes, I know the internal drive on my machine is also a 16x drive. It's just easier to reach the drive on top of my desk than the one underneath.)
  8. I checked the list of supported drives. There are exactly three LaCie firewire CD-R drives in the list and they are all older 8x drives which are no longer available! Isn't there a better answer than "Sorry, you're SOL"? How about having Retrospect "preflight" an available CD-R drive to see if it will work correctly without having to wait for Dantz's overwhelmed compatibility lab to get around to adding particular models? My experience with tape drives is that they're the most unreliable piece of computer equipment available. Unfortunately, there's no more reliable system available that can match the pure capacity of tape. Given tape's (apparent) inherent unreliability, doesn't it make sense to be able to have a backup system available for when (not if) the primary backup system goes down? CD-R seems to be the logical choice for temporary backups while a tape drive is being repaired. But in order for CD-R to be a viable emergency option, Retrospect's support for CD-R must be much better than only supporting drives which are no longer available. End Rantcolor=red> So what can I do about the fact that I need to do backups and my tape drive is temporarily unavailable? Buying more equipment is not an option right now.
  9. My tape backup is temporarily out of commission. (It's out for repairs.) But while I'm suffering without it, I need to do some backups. The only viable option I've been able to think of is to make use of my CD-RW for important backups until I get the tape drive back. But there's one small problem... Retrospect doesn't seem to be able to see the CD-RW drive, even though Toast has no problem seeing it. Here's my configuration: PowerMac 8600/300 VST Firewire/USB card APS Technologies (LaCie) CDBP-161040A CD-RW drive Mac OS 9.0.4 Retrospect 4.3 Toast Titanium 5.1.2 Firewire Enabler 2.5 The Retrospect SDAP Support extension IS installed. I also have a PowerBook G4 I can try, though it's configured as a Retrospect client and I'm a little leary of moving the full version of Retrospect to it. Any suggestions?
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