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  1. I heard that cleaning the cashes on client side would help here. Once someone pulled the power cord on the client computer during a running backup progress. After reboot there always was the "error 525 name login conflict". Cleaning the cashes helped in that case.
  2. I am also very frustrated, since I had a look at this document: http://dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27823 Was Retrospect for Windows there before the Mac version? It seems the Mac community is not important any more. As most posters in this topic I have to agree, that since Retro 5 for OS X there is more trouble then usability. We have to live with bugs and accept real downgrades (No cient shutdown after backup, even when utilities such Kudown can shut down an OS X client... http://www.kualosw.com/English/Pages/Utilities.html ). Sure, the port to OS X was hard to manage, but when the Mac community will get the same features as the windows users have? Are Macs and OS X sooo limited, or what? Retrospect 6.5 for Windows, Available Features (which are missing in the Mac version) -Drag and Drop user interface for manual changing of tapes -Bar Code Support to speed tape access -Storage Slot Memory. Retrospect will remember the tape locations in the library, even after opening the loader door, quitting or restarting the computer. -Cleaning Tape Reservation. The user can specify which slot contains a cleaning tape. This slot is ignored when moving or erasing media. -Automatic Tape Cleaning -Multiple Drive/Multiple Execution (MDME). Simultaneous read/write operations to multiple drives. -Import-Export Slot Support. Allows users to move tapes to and from the library slots without opening the main door -Multiple Import-Export Slot Support. Allows users to move tapes to and from the library slots without opening the main door -Multiple Drive Support when scanning media or erasing all media -Drive Binding. Organizational feature that allows user to bind Backup Sets to particular drives.
  3. I get this error, while backup OS 9.1 Clients vers. 5.0.236 on G3 B&W and G4 FscCreateFile: fscSetUidGidPath failed, error -24.000 My Serversystem (not OSX because of MASSIVE problems without an ATTO SCSI card...) G3/350 B&W, OS 9.1, Carbonlib 1.6, Retrosp.Workgroup 5.0.236 Here is a piece of the logfile, where the error is mentioned: + Normal backup using up_audio_video_daily at 20.03.2003 10:33 Uhr To backup set aud_vid_win_set_B_004… - 20.03.2003 10:33:51 Uhr: Copying Macintosh HD on Boris Mac… 20.03.2003 10:33:51 Uhr: Connected to Boris Mac 20.03.2003 10:33:51 Uhr: No files need to be copied. 20.03.2003 10:37:04 Uhr: Execution completed successfully. Duration: 00:03:13 (00:03:12 idle/loading/preparing) - 20.03.2003 10:37:04 Uhr: Copying Temp on Boris Mac… 20.03.2003 10:37:04 Uhr: No files need to be copied. 20.03.2003 10:37:09 Uhr: Execution completed successfully. Duration: 00:00:05 (00:00:05 idle/loading/preparing) - 20.03.2003 10:37:09 Uhr: Copying Daten on Boris Mac… 20.03.2003 10:37:09 Uhr: No files need to be copied. 20.03.2003 10:37:52 Uhr: Execution completed successfully. Duration: 00:00:43 (00:00:43 idle/loading/preparing) - 20.03.2003 10:37:52 Uhr: Copying osx on Boris Mac… 20.03.2003 10:37:52 Uhr: No files need to be copied. 20.03.2003 10:58:57 Uhr: Execution completed successfully. Duration: 00:21:05 (00:21:05 idle/loading/preparing) 20.03.2003 10:58:57 Uhr: Execution completed successfully. Total duration: 00:25:06 (00:25:05 idle/loading/preparing) FscCreateFile: fscSetUidGidPath failed, error -24.000 FscCreateFile: fscSetModePath failed, error -24.000 I could not figure out the problem till now. Does anybody have similar experiences? Thank you all! Slawomir
  4. Sorry, but i was wrong with the place of "Startup Items". "Startup Items" under OS 9.x are NOT in: "Systemfolder/Preferences/Startup Items" but " in: "/Systemfolder/Startup Items" In fact, I am not shure if this is the problem in your case, but maybe" there is an alias of the old Retro 4 Server application in Startup Items, so it is launched each time you restart your backupserver. If so, and the alias points to the old version of Retro-server, just delete it. If you then wish to launch Retro 5 server automaticly each time your backupserver is booting up, make an Alias of it and put the alias of Retro 5 server into "/Systemfolder/Startup Items" Does the server show up as 4.x or is it the client? If the client is still 4.2 after upgrading it, then something else is wrong. You should make a clean install of the Client. There is NO "Startup Item" for the client controlpanel. s.
  5. Hi Phantom, as i understand you have made an update of Retrospect backupserver to version 5 (Retrospect Workgroup). Then you say that you was able to use the new feature "client update", but it shows up as vesion 4.x? What I can imagine is that there is an alias living in /Systemfolder/Preferences/Startup Items, which points to the old Retrospect version 4.2, so when you reboot your server, the old version will be started. If so, just change the Startup Item, so it will point to Retrospect 5. If a client is ment that shows up as 4.2 after the upgrade, then you propably have to restart the client, so that the new version will be loaded properly. good luck, Slawomir
  6. I am having a similar problem, but the clients are running under OS 9.1 while backupserver fails. The European Dantz support told me there is an issue with clients when running OS 9 and OS-X. They said something like: ...If classic environment is startd under OS-X, the OS 9 System becomes corrupt. Each time the Retrospect Server (5.0.205, under OS 9.1 on a B&W G3/350) tries to backup the OS-X partition, the server crashes. (I also had to increase the amount of memory for Retrospect Server first). Since the permissons from OSX partition cannot be backuped when client runs under OS 9, a backup of the OSX partition does not make any sence. The only way not to backup it is to tell the server in the client configuratin dialog only to backup selected volumes. It is not possible to handle this through a selector as Dantz told me because the selectors are asked at a later point of time. This is not a really good workaround since we have some external FireWire harddrives, rotating on clients desktops which should be backed up no matter on which desktop they are mounted... Does somebody found a workaround for this in meantime? Slawomir
  7. Since Jaguar 10.2 and its built in Firewall, you must go to: -> Systempreferecepanel, -> choose Sharing -> Firewall -> Edit -> from pulldown menu choose "Retrospect" Slawomir
  8. Salut! I upgraded to Retro Workgroup 5.205 under OS 9.1, but had to downgrade again to 4.3A because of bad SCSI throughput. I use a Formac "ProRaid II (formacSA1)" SCSI controller with Rom v. 1.5.7 and two sony DAT-tapedrives STD-9000 and the TSL-9000. Our dedicated backupserver is a G3/350 ROM v. $77D.45F6, boot rom 1.1f4. Are there any known incomatibility issues with that cofniguration? I could not find any Info, if the Formac controller is supported with Retro 5.205 on OS 9.1. Thank you for reading this.
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