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  1. The live restore to a fresh install of Windows 7 failed with +-250GB of the +-280GB still needing to be copied. It ran for 30-odd seconds and stopped, something about a 1001 error. I ended up buying Acronis Disk Director 12: resizing the partition took +-3 minutes. I then swopped the "C" and "D" partitions on the same drive, placing one in front, and the other at the back ... this was carried out in 'DOS' after a reboot, it took +-1.5 hours due to the volume size but the machine then re-booted without any issues. Re "Retrospect will see the new resized volume as a different volume" above, is the backup I did before the resizing useless for a prospective Disaster Recovery?
  2. No, the above didn't work either. Restoring over a fresh install (even if it is the same version of Windows 7 with the same Product Key) doesn't work. It seems the only option will be to restore to another 1TB drive, or use disk partitioning software.
  3. I'm currently busy with a machine where a 1TB drive was partitioned into three approximately 330GB partitions. "C" became full and an adjacent partition was deleted so that the space could be allocated to "C" 1. Since the deleted partition was on the LEFT of "C", allocating this unpartitioned space to "C" proved impossible from within Windows 7 as this only allows merging with partitions to the RIGHT of "C" ... and then also not always. 2. The next option was to do a Retrospect Disaster Recovery onto a 'test' 500GB drive, just to check if all's well. I could then delete existing "C" completely, restore the backup onto a resized partition and create a second partition once the computer reboots. This also proved impossible: apparently the restore drive has to match the physical size of the entire drive (not just the partition) from which "C" was backed up. 3. I then tried "restoring an entire volume" onto the 500GB drive from within Retrospect in Windows 7. This also proved impossible ... the computer wouldn't boot from the restored drive. Tried re-creating the MBR etc. from the System Repair disc, but still no booting PC. Tried the System Repair disk ... still no luck. My last option is to load Windows 7 onto the 500GB drive, and then restore the Retrospect backup. This should boot up. If yes, then I can safely delete the 1TB drive and restore the backup onto a suitably-sized partition ("2" above should then not be a problem). All this work simply to create more space for "C"! If I had known the headache this would cause I would simply have bought Acronis Disk Director 12 and resized, merged, shifted the partitions as required (unfortunately Powerquest Partition Magic is no longer supported - this software was literally 'magic'). Comments would be welcome.
  4. I'm at a loss, how does one boot from an ISO image? I've burned mine to DVD but simply receive a 'No System Disc' message when trying to boot. Must I add additional files to make it boot? There seems little help in these forums from EMC support staff.
  5. My sentiments exactly! I've been battling for almost a week with a 779MB image... which I've now burned to a DVD. How does one get the PC to boot from the ISO image, does one have to add additional files? At present I get a 'No system Disc' error when trying to boot from the DVD image.
  6. There have been numerous posts in this section relating difficulties experienced with Restore images and burning them to CD. I always thought the purpose of backup Software was to get me up-and-running ASAP after a system crash/malfunction. I've now battled for almost a week to restore my data using a Retrospect 6.5 Restore image. First I was unable to burn the 779MB image to a 700MB disc. I then looked for 800MB discs ... without success. As a last resort I bought a DVD-Writer, hoping this would burn an image from which I can boot. I've burned the image, but am not able to boot from it. I'm using Nero. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can burn a bootable Retrospect Restore image to DVD. Do I simply burn the ISO image to DVD or must I add additional files to make the disc bootable? I'm not impressed with Retrospect or the fact that we must pay for technical advice relating to their product. Judging by the user difficulties experienced EMC Insignia are making more money on the support side than on the software sales side.
  7. Greetings Henry, I've just encountered the same problem and came across your post while seeking a solution. I've since managed to solve the puzzle. The problem has nothing to do with your software but rather with your hardware. Chances are your external hard drive is faulty (bad sectors), or the Partition Table is corrupt. My suspicions were raised when I attempted a 'Recovery Console' repair from the Win XP CD and arrived at the 'C' prompt, and not the usual 'C:\Windows' prompt asking for the Administrator Password. I've since run CHKDSK /r, Retrospect now works fine (despite the bad sectors found on my hard drive). Maybe it's time to change your hard drive (I've had quite a few showing bad sectors lately). Cheers, Ralf
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